New 4 Disc Joni Mitchell Set “Love Has Many Faces” To Include 53 Remastered Songs!

Joni Mitchell Love Has Many Faces

Joni Mitchell's new four-disc boxed set LOVE HAS MANY FACES: A QUARTET, A BALLET, WAITING TO BE DANCED was first conceived as the music to a ballet about love.

But after spending 18 months trying to distill everything she'd written about love-and the lack of it-down to a single disc, the influential singer-songwriter abandoned the ballet. "I wanted the music to feel like a total work-a new work. No matter what I did, though, at that length, it remained merely a collection of songs," she writes in the set's liner notes.

Undaunted, Mitchell did not give up. Instead, she continued to sequence her songs, determined to prove to herself that what she was after was possible. After two years, she had created a four-act ballet based on the 53 songs that make up this inspiring collection. "I am a painter who writes songs. My songs are very visual. The words create scenes...What I have done here is to gather some of these scenes (like a documentary filmmaker) and by juxtaposition, edit them into a whole new work," the artist writes.

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“I Am The Batman! I Am The Night” See Christian Bale’s “Dark Knight” Audition!

Batman Drawing Provided By ByrneRobotics.com

Anytime I can use a John Byrne comic book piece to promote a story, I am all about it. This time, it is for Christian Bail's "Dark Knight" audition!

Christian Bale auditions for Batman Begins in... by BatmanNewsCom

Bale is in Val Kilmer's batman suit for the audition. It doesn't look right on Christian does it?

This will be released as a bonus on the upcoming “The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition” box set.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Affleck will be just fine....


Sly & The Family Stone Career-Spanning Box Set To Be Released On August 27th!

Sly & The Family Stone Box Set Cover Higher

If you can believe it, Sly & the Family Stone have not had a career-spanning box set...until now. On August 27th, that all changes with the release of "Higher".

The box set will be a four disc collection with 77 tracks, 17 that have never been released before. The set does center around the years of 19-68-75 and will feature mono MASTER versions of songs like “Everyday People”, “Stand!”, and “I Want To Take You Higher”.

There will be rare demos, instrumental tracks, television and live recordings, also songs Stone’s August 1970 gig at the Isle of Wight Festival.

There is also 7 pre-Epic records tracks including a heavily bootlegged version of "I Can't Turn You Loose" by Otis Redding.

The set will come with a 100+ page booklet mostly written by Jeff Kaliss that will feature liner notes essays, a timeline of Stone's career, rare and uncirculating photos including concert posters and ticket stubs.

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Sting Discusses Start Of His Solo Career 25 Years Later

Sting is celebrating 25 years of being a solo artist this year, with a box set and a tour.

The "Back to Bass tour" is selling out to where more dates are being added.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sting's solo career, the definitive box set Sting: 25 Years, will be released on September 27, 2011. This collection captures for the first time both the highlights and rarities of Sting's enduring solo career and contains three CDs, all re-mastered exclusively for this set and personally curated by Sting, as well as a previously unreleased live DVD, Rough, Raw & Unreleased, filmed at New York City's Irving Plaza. The discs are housed in a hardcover book featuring rare photos, complete lyrics, and newly written commentary by Sting. In addition, Sting: The Best of 25 Years (single disc) will be released on October 18, 2011.

Awesomesauce!  Check out the clip above as Sting discusses the start of his solo career.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Haven't Seen Him Live....Yet!


Janes Addiction Box Set Garners Grammy Nomination



The Janes Addiction Cabinet Of Curiosities Box Set we featured first on this site has been nominated for a Grammy. 

We want to send congrats to Mathieu Bitton and Rhino Records for their nomination and hoping they win.  I also want to thank Mr. Bitton and Rhino for debuting the set here before anywhere. 

Good luck Grammy night.-Dr.FB


Please, Please, Please Me With The Beatles

The Beatles. Photo: Apple Corps
The Beatles. Photo: Apple Corps

The Beatles. Photo: Apple Corps

The remastered Beatles box set hits stores and everywhere today except for I-tunes.  Finally, a remaster of several Beatles albums and songs that were really needed.

There is something new even for people who have heard it before as you will be able to hear things you may not be able to have heard before.

So, are you or do you know anyone getting the box set or Rock Band game?-Dr.FB


Exclusive: Janes Addiction Box Set Cabinet Of Curiosities Info



Here is your exclusive first look at a high quality image of the box set coming to you from Janes Addiction, A Cabinet Of Curiosities.

It will be a 4 disc set, which includes the bands first studio recording, it also includes many outtakes, demos, and live recordings ranging from 1986 to 1991.

Also, docfb.com has learned exclusively that Best Buy will have a bonus 5th disc that will feature 5 live tracks.

The disc will be released April 21st, 2009.

For the track listing go HERE

For more in depth info and to pre-order, go HERE

I want to thank M. Bitton and our friends at Rhino for letting us share this!-Dr.FB