Bradley Cooper

Bradley & Renee Are In A New York State Of Mind

Renee Zelwegger & Bradley Cooper. Photo:

Although we know they are still together, Renee Zelweger and Bradley Cooper made sure to keep their distance from each other while being spotted in New York. What do they think we will think?  Oh, they are not together because Bradley is 10 steps ahead of her.  That is a rule that if you stay […]

Sandra Bullock Smooches Scarlett Johansson At MTV Awards!~ Video

Sandra Bullock won the generation award at the The MTV Movie Awards and also got to smooch Scarlett Johansson to boot.  Very great speech and I am still gonna lay off ya Sandra.  For now.  But nice to know you want everything to go back to normal.  You deserve the goodwill.  A photo of the […]

News & Notes: Relationship Edition

Fergie & Josh Duhamel renewed their wedding vows in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California.  It would be the couple’s 1 year annirsary of marriage on January 10th.  One has to wonder if this was a do over as Josh was rumored to have cheated with a stripper sometime last year…. Pamela Anderson has broken up with […]

Cooper Leaves Us With A Hangover

Here is Bradley Cooper in Los Angeles early this week.  He should be teaching Renee Zellweger a thing about smiling don’t you think?-Dr.FB

Just A Question….

Just a question….this one is about Renee Zellweger If you were dating Bradley Cooper, you know, the stud from “The Hangover,” would you have a look like that on your face? It’s just a question…-Dr.FB