John Mayer Discusses His Return & Why He Now Lives In Montana & Will He Be The New “Bachelor”

John Mayer returned to Ellen 2 years after his last album to promote his latest album that he can't really promote due to his throat battles and surgeries.

John discusses why he now lives in Montana, although we wonder if he gave up his places in Los Angeles and New York for good.

John, rocking the long hair, seems somber and perhaps it is reflected on his new record, which he says is his most honest to date. He talks about the Rolling Stone interview and not really remembering the things he stated. We don't want to get into them either. People change. They evolve. Where they might have been 2 years aog or 2 days ago, may not be where they are now.

Ellen and John also discussed their love affair with "The Bachelor" and why he digs it. Eleln asks is John would ever do the show and although he says no, you really have to wonder.

So, will there be a black bachelor first or will John Mayer be "The Bachelor" before that happens?-DocFB


Pete Wentz Takes Wife Out As Fall Out Boy Has Fallout

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson
Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Pete Wentz took a break from his Twitter to attend a New York Knicks basketball game last night.

Pete, who either really cares about his fans or was trying to get away from Ashlee, was on his Twitter talking about how the group he is in, Fall Out Boy, may be over and done.   He was responding to almost every single person who would contact him about the situation.  That's what press releases are for.

Again, too much time on his hands or does he care about his fans?  Will you miss Fall Out Boy?-Dr.FB