Coroner’s Report: Amy Winehouse Death Ruled By Alcohol

Amy Winehouse. Photo:

3 months after her passing, Amy Winehouse’s death was announced. It appears she drank herself to death. Amy’s blood alcohol level was 4 times the legal limit, according to the coroner’s report.  The labeled it as “Death by misadventure” and drugs did not play a part. Winehouse’s family has already released a statement: “It is […]

What’s Up Doc “Thank You For Being A Friend” Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of What’s Up Doc where we discuss the passing of Rue McClanahan, the mystery surrounding Gary Coleman’s death, Prince on the cover of Ebony, Lakers, Celtics, Al & Tipper Gore, and Breakerbox. Hope you enjoy and keep it funky!~-Dr.FB

World Premiere: Breakerbox “Nobody Gets Me”

Here is the WORLD PREMIERE of Breakerbox’s “Nobody Gets Me” video. Christina DeNee’ & Scott Calandra make up Breakerbox and you can get “Nobody Gets Me” along with more great music on the EP “From The Hooks” now on I-Tunes. We have a feeling you will be “getting” Breakerbox and the vibe they provide. Check […]

Listen Now~ Breakerbox “Nobody Gets Me”

Breakerbox Promo Photo

Here is the song for Breakerbox for their upcoming video which will be debuting here shortly. The song is called “Nobody Gets Me” and is hot.  [audio:] Let me know what you think of the song.-Dr.FB P.S., for more songs and info on Breakerbox, check this out!

BreakerBox Set To Break Out The Box


Breakerbox.   Christina DeNee’ and Scott Calandra are out of Buffalo, New York and may be a group that you have not heard of but that all changes now.  I get sent a lot of new music and new artists and a lot of them don’t click with me at first.  Not Breakerbox.  The first track […]