PRINCE’s “Breakfast Can Wait” Named One Of Top Videos Of 2013!

Danielle Curiel/PRINCE

PRINCE's "Breakfast Can Wait" video directed by Daniele Curiel has been named one of the top videos of 2013!

We remember how fans were upset when they found out Prince was not in the video at first.

Consequence of Sound has the video at Number 18 of it's top 25 videos of the year countdown.

COS had this to say as why the video was chosen:

Prince actually can be funny if he wants to be. The Minnesota legend is often stylish, sometimes sensual, usually over the top, but rarely humorous.

This is also the same man who recruited teenager Danielle Curiel to direct and choreograph the “Breakfast Can Wait” video, which features a Prince stand-in that’s funny merely by existence. There are also the extended dance sequences that work as a sexual metaphor. This is a video for a man who made a song that led to all those parental advisory stickers. Times are changing, and for Prince it means making PG-13 worthy euphemisms that are left field, but still delightful. Pretty much everything can wait when Prince is actually having some fun.

"Breakfast Can Wait" also made Rolling Stone's list of top 100 songs of 2013.

Congrats to PRINCE & Danielle Curiel!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Grammy Nominations are on Friday. Will we see a few nominations for PRINCE?


Exclusive! Behind The Scenes Of PRINCE’s “Breakfast Can Wait” Release Party!


Danielle Curiel, Nicole Kirkland, Maya McClean, Nandy McClean, and the entire "Breakfast Can Wait" video crew threw a release party for the PRINCE video. Just like the video, PRINCE wasn't there but fun was had!


Along with the video being playing a couple of times, remixes of "Breakfast Can Wait" (From The Breakfast Experience) were played as well.


Dani posted the party info on Instagram and Twitter a few hours before the event was to happen so it was a party for the crew and if you happened to be in Hollywood, you could have attended!

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Video Premiere! “Breakfast Can Wait” By PRINCE! Dig In & Watch Now!

Breakfast Can Wait teaser

PRINCE has released the video for "Breakfast Can Wait" by Danielle Curiel! Check it out!

Everyone should be able to see the video now!

The song is available for purchase and 3rdEyeTunes.com


Diagnosis: Are your eyes finally open or still wide shut?


PRINCE Releases Teaser For “Breakfast Can Wait” Video! Watch Now!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

PRINCE has just released a teaser for his latest video "Breakfast Can Wait" directed by Danielle Curiel.

Looks pretty cool. Dani looks like the wrestling diva Eva Marie with a mix of Janet Jackson in the "That's The Way Love Goes" video which is a good thing.

On the PRINCE Spreecast, we talked to people who saw the video at Paisley Park over the weekend after The New Power Generation performed and they were digging it.

Danielle Curiel/PRINCE

We cannot wait for the full version!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Breakfast Can Wait....but can Cheesecake?


PRINCE News From Paisley Park! “Breakfast”, Janelle, Livestreams To Return & The Lyrics To “FUNKNROLL”

Prince Photo: Funk * U

It has been a hot year for PRINCE and it looks like it is not going to cool down anytime soon!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

As we told you about earlier, "Breakfast Can Wait" is out now worldwide! Please support NPG/Kobalt Music!

We talked about on the Prince spreecast about leaks to the Janelle Monae and Prince duet "Givin' 'Em What They Love" but rather than burning a copy (Eww) it is best to pre-order the double album version from Target now! We will even provide you with a link HERE to do so!

The man JoshuaWorld has been remixing the new concert closer "FUNKNROLL" and we have been told it will be released soon. We asked in what form but right now they don't know.

Have you been missing the Livestreams? When the band returns to Minneapolis from a very short break, we are told the Livestreams will start back up. Get this. We have been told that Prince is writing and recording a lot these days, so new music is definitely on the way!

"GROOVY POTENTIAL" is an outtake so that should give you an indication of what to expect....hmm.

Click here for the lyrics to "FUNKNROLL"!!!!


Pancakes! PRINCE’s “Breakfast Can Wait” Now On iTunes!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

From 3rdEyeTunes to iTunes. PRINCE's "Breakfast Can Wait" is now on i-Tunes, Google Play, and Amazon!

The cover has Dave Chappelle famously dressed as Prince and serving it up!

The song is being released through his new distribution deal with the independent Kobalt Label Services.

So far, the response to the cover and the song has been huge!

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“Breakfast Can Wait” As PRINCE Unleashes Live Videos On YouTube!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

Showing Prince's sense of humor, he re-released "Breakfast Can Wait" on 3rdEyeTunes.com with a digital cover of Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince.


As Prince was joining Twitter, he was releasing live videos on YouTube but taking them down only after a few hours. It seems some are staying up....for now.

For 6 LIVE clips of PRINCE & 3rdEyeGirl, click here!!!!!