Brian Austin Green

L.A. Ink: Megan Fox & Husband To Remove Tattoos

A couple that removes tattoos together….stays together? Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are going to be removing ink from their body. Megan Fox, who is 25, will be getting her Marilyn Monroe tats removed. Brian, who is 38, will be removing some tats as well but it was not specified which ones. Megan had […]

What’s Up Doc “Is That A Dude Or A Lady?” Edition

This week in celebrity news with including Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, the Lakers, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Wonder Woman, Prince, Twilight Eclipse, and so much more. Check it out above and have a great 4th of July weekend!-Dr.FB

Megan Fox Marries BAG! Teen Boys Have Moment Of Silence

It just proves if you stick around ling enough, she will marry you. Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green (BAG) late last week in Hawaii.  The couple have been dating since 2004 and have been engaged a few times but the most recent engagement 2 weeks ago was the one that sealed the deal. As […]

Megan Fox Is Engaged Again But Loses Ring

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green it seems are giving it another go.   It is being reported that Brian proposed again to Megan earlier this month and she has accepted.  He proposed in Hawaii but sometime during the trip, she lost the ring in the sand.  Security spent hours looking for it but did not […]

Video~Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Take On Education Cuts

Megan Fox is “Hot For Teacher” with Brian Austin Green and it is time to say no! No to budget cuts when it comes to schools.  Please go to to see what you can do to make a change.  Show the “Governator” that cutting budgets at schools is NOT the answer.-Dr.FB