Fallon, Brian Williams & The Roots Slow Jam The News

Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams & The Roots Photo: NBC.com

Brian Williams stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and you know they had to slow jam the news.

This one had to do with the fiscal cliff, a soft Bohner, and a little bit of Salt n Peppa'.

Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Push It Real Good..."


George Clooney Talks about His Passion And Privacy

George Clooney was on Rock Center with Brian Williams talking about "The Descendants" and "The Ides Of March" along with collecting Oscar Awards.

George also talked about his passion and his need for privacy.  It is nice to see George in this setting and not on a talk show where he has to make jokes every few minutes.

He is well dressed and articulate and seems to let his guard down somewhat.  Straight up, Clooney has style for days.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  All this and Stacy Kiebler too!  Blessed man.


The Most Trusted Name In News Is….

Jon Stewart: The Most Trusted Name In News.  File Photo
Jon Stewart: The Most Trusted Name In News.  File Photo

Jon Stewart: The Most Trusted Name In News. File Photo

Jon Stewart is the most trusted name in news according to a Time Magazne Poll.

He beat our Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric by 44 percent.

Message to newscasters: how sad is it when a comedy show reporting the ness is more trustworthy than you. Just saying,

Congrats Jon!-Dr.FB


Video: President Obama Endorses Conan

When I first saw this, I thought thaey would mess with the footage but they didn't. I am sure it was taped for the show only but still, it is cool. Here is NBC's Brian Willams interviewing President Obama and talking Conan O'Brien. It is very funny. Let me know what you think!-Dr.FB