Bristol Palin

Jennifer Grey Wins Dancing With The Stars

She was a favorite early on, and last night, she took home the disco ball trophy. Jennifer Grey hopefully will now have a career again after a great nose job cost her that career about 20 years ago. It would have been something if it came down to her and Bristol, but it did not. […]

Bristol Palin Gets Elimnated From Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin was eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” last night, falling short of winning anything as she came in 3rd place. Guess the whole vote for her even if you don’t watch the show tactic did not work after all.  Check out her elimination above.-Dr.FB

Is Bristol Palin Still Alive On “Dancing” Because Of The Tea Party?

Bristol Palin is still alive on Dancing With The Stars and one of the reasons she is most likely still alive was shown a lot in her set up to her “Dancing segment.” Yes, it was brought up that it is the Tea Party keeping her alive…although her dance partner says it is because she […]

Bristol Palin Surprises On DWTS, According To Us

Bristol Palin was really good on Dancing With The Stars. Well….better than she has been. She rocked out to our girl Orianthi’s “According To You” and brought it with the purple.  Looks like she will be safe another week.  Check out her performance above.-Dr.FB

Florence Henderson’s Gross Out Saves Bristol

Florence Henderson File Photo

We all knew the story of Florence Henderson hooking up with Barry Williams who played her son Greg Brady on “The Brady Bunch” but maybe having Barry Williams there while rehearsing was too much for viewers of “Dancing With The Stars” as she was eliminated. Although Bristol Palin had the lowest score of the night […]