Is Bristol Palin Still Alive On “Dancing” Because Of The Tea Party?

Bristol Palin is still alive on Dancing With The Stars and one of the reasons she is most likely still alive was shown a lot in her set up to her “Dancing segment.”

Yes, it was brought up that it is the Tea Party keeping her alive…although her dance partner says it is because she is a good dancer and like able.  Um…no!

Sorry Tea-Party peeps, she just isn’t cutting it and the only reasons she is on week after week is because you keep voting to keep her on.  A dance show with a political agenda? Say it isn’t so.

Well…it doesn’t matter what we think here; what do you think of Bristol’s performance from last night?-Dr.FB



  • gloria
    Posted at 12:41h, 17 November

    Bristol is a very, boring dancer, and I agree it’s the tea party nuts keeping Bristol on the show.

  • Joanne
    Posted at 01:35h, 17 November

    She’s proved to be an ok dancer, but definitely not great. I frankly get bored watching her and don’t understand the high marks she did received. I have to agree, she has some sort of grouping (tea party?) following that is not voting for the best dancer, they’re just voting for her to win. But, that’s what this flawed country we live in is all about.

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