Gaga Gets back At Madonna…..By Flashing Her Butt? Winning?

So by now, you’ve heard that during Madonna’s MDNA tour, she either takes out her breast and exposes it to the audience or flashes her 54 year old in shape booty. All the while, she takes a jab at Lady Gaga for “Born This Way” sounding too similar to her own hit “Express Yourself” from […]

Madonna Naked Again! This Time, Bottoms Up!

When in Rome, drop your pants? Well, that is exactly what Madonna did. This time, instead of showing us her tit, she shows off her 53 year old booty. A week after showing her boob in Turkey, she showed off her ass in Rome. What were those lyrics to “Justify My Love” again? “I want […]

Quote Of The Moment: Jimmy Fallon On J. Lo Divorce

Jennifer Lopez File Photo

“Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced they are getting a divorce.  Marc is getting the car….and J.Lo is getting the junk in the trunk.” -Jimmy Fallon on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon -Dr.FB Diagnosis:  Easy But(t) Funny

Jennifer Lopez Wears Her Heart Out

I wonder if it was used to take eyes off her big gourgeous backside but Jennifer Lopez wore a big heart on her shirt while shopping in South Beach. I hear Jennifer Lopez is 40.  40? She looks amazing and we know one thing; she is all heart.-Dr.FB