New Things Coming To Dr.Funkenberry.com

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Hey everyone! 

First and foremost, I want to thank you again for coming here and supporting DrFunkenberry.com and know that it really means a lot to me.

As you have seen and heard, we now have a weekly wrap-up show and that will be a regular feature on the site.  The support for it has been strong and I am glad you like my voice.  Ahem.

2nd, I will be bringing back CD reviews.  I keep getting asked to have more of my reviews and when they are sending in the CD's, how can I say no?   This weekend, I will review the new releases from Barenaked Ladies and Lifehouse.

3rd, we will be having a lot more ticket giveaways and other prizes coming in the next few days and on and on and on and on.  It's MY way of saying thank you for coming here and supporting the site.

I am all set to debut the Dr.Funkenberry Store but waiting for the time to be right..and I think the time was about 3 months ago.  Grin.  In all seriousness, putting a lot into it and want it to be just right. 

I am going to be having more of what you love from the site, believe that.  I just think there are no limits and want to do things that other blogs were afraid to do before, such as the radio playlist to the right of the site and the Twitter Tracker.

Thanks again for your support as we get ready to take over the world in 2010 and beyond!

Peace, much love, and keep it funky!-Dr.FB