Chace Crawford

Gossip Girl Season 3 Bloopers

For the Gossip Girl fans who can’t wait for the show’s 4th season, we are keeping you busy on Mondays til the show comes back! Check out these bloopers from Season 3 including Chace Crawford doing a self check of himself to see if he may need some Old Spice or something. Hehe.-Dr.FB

Gossip Girl Star Caught Topless!

Chace Crawford. Photo:

Chace Crawford was seen taking in the rays in Mexico over the weekend.  She was with his sister Candice Crawford and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. It was a family affair as the parents joined them but I am sure more eyes were on Chace’s shirtless body than the parents. What do you think?-Dr.FB

Chace Crawford Will Not Get “Footloose”

Chace Crawford will not be getting “Footloose” for the 80’s remake.   Crawford has dropped out of the role that Zac Efron previously dropped out of. Chace is saying it is his busy schedule that caused him to drop out but since Kenny Ortega left the project last year to work with Michael Jackson for his […]

Chace Crawford Keeps ’em Gossiping

Chace Crawford was spotted on set of Gossip Girl in New York yesterday while rumors of him having a girlfriend was news to him. He made it quite clear he is not seeing anyone and is still available.  Any takers?-Dr.FB

Where Women Wish They Were Valentines Weekend….

Jake, Jared, Ryan, Chace, Kellan & Mechad.

We have a feeling a lot of women would have loved to be sitting somewhere here on Valentines. Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto,Chace Crawford, Ryan Phillippe, Kellan Lutz & Mehcad Brooks attended the Calvin Klein fashion show.   As well dressed as they all are, I bet a lot of women wish they could see them stripped down […]