Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley Discusses “White People Problems”

Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and one of the highlights was the “White People Problems” skit. It was funny from the start and continued with a white guy being friends with a white girl without even “hitting” that. We wanted to post this skit on Sunday but NBC was slow to putting […]

New Lebron James “Who Should I Be?” Ad Goes After Critics

The new Nike ad featuring Lebron James “Who Should I Be” has debuted and he takes on his critics including a donut slam to Charles Barkley. The ad is good and perhaps Lebron is all the things he should be.  “The Decision” has ruined his legacy but when he is inducted into the Hall Of […]

Michael Jordan On LeBum’s Decision “There’s No Way I Would Do It”

Michael Jordan. Photo:

Bill Parcells said it best.  “He hasn’t won anything yet.  Don’t anoint him.”  He was speaking of Tony Romo but the same can be said about LeBron James.  Until 2 weeks ago, LeBron James was called the “next Michael Jordan” and nicknames of “King James” and “The Chosen 1” when he doesn’t have a ring […]

Video: Charles Barkley As Alicia Keys

Here is footage of Charles Barkley as Alicia Keys that was taped for Saturday Night Live and aired before the Dallas Cowboys football game. I was expecting it to air during Saturday Night Live but did not. This promo was better than anythign on SNL this weekend. Check it out above.-Dr.FB

After DUI Arrest & Releases, Charles Barkley Stays Silent

Sir Charles Barkley was arrested new years eve in Arizona for a DUI.  If only Charles was silent then as he was now, he might not be so much lighter in the pockets. Charles started talking to the officers about a girl was around the corner that gives the best oral sex ever.  He went […]