Jennifer Lopez Speaks: “The Marriage Was Not Right”

Jennifer Lopez Vanity Fair Cover Photo:

Jennifer Lopez is opening up in the latest issue of Vanity Fair with her on the cover.  She speaks about her marriage saying “It was not right” and how she still believes in love and marriage and that it was her biggest dream to make the marriage work. Jennifer spoke candidly about the marriage and […]

Jennifer Lopez To Divorce Marc Anthony! (Finally)

Jennifer Lopez has filed for divorce from Marc Anthony.  We here at have seen this coming for a while.  From their icy appearances together on “American Idol” to even trying to do a spanish version style Idol as well. broke the announcement. This was the statement released by “both” of them: “We have […]

With Tiger Woods Divorce Final, How Soon Til Tiger Hooks Up?

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s marriage is over and done.  The divorce was made final with Elin rumored to be getting $100 million along with each splitting custody of the children and requesting privacy.  With the divorce final, we wonder when we will see Tiger hanging around old haunts or old girlfriends.  Rachel Uchitel has […]

Shakira Looking Shexy

Did Shakira have a make over or is she just looking incredibly sexy lately?  Don’t know why but my hips don’t lie. (sic) She was caught leaving a photo shoot in Paris on Tuesday. Shakira is 32 and has never looked better. She is also looking to be a mother and start having children. It is a […]

Debbie Rowe Is NOT Taking Payout Over Kids

Despite a report from the New York Post, (the New York Post people come on!) Debbie Rowe is NOT taking a $ 4 million dollar payout over the kids to let Katherine Jackson be their guardian. I must admit, it seems the Debbie Rowe stories coming out, and there are a lot of them, all […]