Circus Tour

Jamie King To Choreograph Britney Spears New Tour!

Britney Spears latest tour kicks off soon and when it does it will have Jamie King as the choreographer.  Brian Friedman has stepped down due to “scheduling conflicts” but as we hear it, after Britney’s dance moves were criticized in recent TV appearances in videos, they are putting the blame on Brian. Jamie was the […]

Video: Britney Spears Top Ten List

Here Is the Top Ten List Britney Spears did last night for David Letterman. It is the Top Ten If Britney Spears were President. Somewhat funny when it gets to the top 3. Not so much for the rest. Are you gonna complain when she is wearing a bikini? What do you think?-Dr.FB

Britney And Her Brown Bikini

Touring has done wonders for Brit-Brit’s bod.  Britney took a break from touring and took her two cheetos boys  and papa Spears to the Caribbean for a much needed Vacation.  Britney is looking fab compared to this time last year…

Papa Spears Won’t Let Anyone Play With His Circus

I really don’t care to look at papa Spears and the usual “Circus” pics of Brit are not doing it for me, so I picked a somewhat hot pic of her to post. Per “Celebuzz”, Mr. Spears has fired three of Brit Brit’s back up dancers due to failing their drug screenings.  Conservator Spears is […]