Cleveland Caveliers

LeBron James: “Lebron Can Take The Heat”

Lebron James. Photo: Ben Watts/GQ Magazine

We were almost not going to call Lebron James Lebum James today..until we read the GQ cover article featuring him and him talking in the 3rd person. When talking about Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Lebum said: “I don’t think he ever cared about LeBron. My mother always told me: ‘You will see the light of […]

LeBum James Needs To Take A Seat

Lebron James. File Photo

I am going to say it; I never liked Lebron James.  There was something about him that just rubbed me the wrong way.  Last week, he gave me a reason to not like him so I don’t feel guilty for my feelings. Let’s be real here; we all knew that Lebum was not going to […]

Shaq Traded To Cleveland! Finds Out Thru Twitter

Unreal.  ESPN broke news that Shaqulle O’Neil was traded to the Cleveland Caveliers.  He didn’t find out thru ESPN. Someone Twittered him he had been traded. His response;”I didn’t hear that yet.”  He then found out it was true. Earlier this month, it was Twittered that Kevin McCale would not be kept by the Minnesota […]

Cavs Win! Cavs Win! Cavs Win! Right Questlove?

Where were you when Lebron James hit Le Shot last night with 0.1 seconds left?  What was your reaction?  Questlove showed us via his TWITTER. What did it look like?  Well….  I will say it, last night what Lebron did was impressive.  Hope the Lakers do get to play them in the Finals.  What a series […]