“Lost” Star Matthew Fox Detained By Police After Allegedly Beating Up Woman

Matthew Fox File Photo

“Lost” star Matthew Fox was detained by police over the weekend in Cleveland, Ohio for allegedly beating up a female bus driver.  The female bus driver, Heather Borman claims that Fox hit her in the chest and groin area. It is being reported that Bormann was driving a private party bus for a private party when Fox tried to […]

LeBum James Runs Away To The Bahamas

LeBron James. Photo:

The basketball player we formerly called Lebron James but is now known as LeBum James was spotted in the Bahamas.  From the photo above, it still looks like he is running away from Cleveland to us.  Also, check out the tattoo he has; “Loyalty” and that is quite the joke. He was there with his […]

John Mayer’s Decision: He Will Play For Cleveland

John Mayer has made a decision; he will play for Cleveland….and Miami…and New York.  He is announcing his tour line up but it still hella funny…and still a whole lot classier than Lebron Lebum James’s decision last week. Check it out above..and pay attention to his scoring highlight.-Dr.FB