Comic Book Retailers Upset With DC Comics Early Tease Of Superman/Wonder Woman Hook-Up!

DC Comics released a teaser a week ago showing Superman & Wonder Woman hooking up on the cover of Justice League issue #12 and comic retailers are NOT happy!

Usually the teasers are released on Tuesday, the day before releases. I figured, like many, a week in advance would build up hype for the issue. I went to 2 comic book stores in Los Angeles on Monday and talked to the owners.

I asked how many people were calling ahead to reserve their copies and he said not too many. Another store said the hype was too early and people have forgotten about the hook-up already. They are worried that sales this week will not be as high as DC is projecting.

I asked if they heard about DC releasing another leak and they said there was not going to be another push for it. Even the variant cover, an alternate cover that is made in a more limited run, does not feature Superman & Wonder Woman kissing, but features Batman and Aquaman. Wouldn't it had more sense to have a variant of Clark Kent and Diana Prince kissing in the same manner?

DC relaunched all its titles which they called "The New 52" last year to much fan-fair, eliminating the marriage of Clark Kent and Lois Lane along with many other story-lines across the DC Universe. It was an attempt to make DC relevant again and at the same time, copy Marvel Comics success with what they did to the "Spider-Man" title a few years ago where his marriage to Mary Jane Watson never happened.

If the retailers concern for the early leak of the Superman/Wonder Woman will transpire to lower sales, DC Comics just lost a huge chance to remain relevant.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Expecting John Byrne-like rants in 5...4....3....


Comic World At A Loss As Artist Al Rio Found Dead At 49

Al Rio File Photo

Al Rio File Photo

Al Rio File Photo

49-year-old artist Al Rio was found dead in his home yesterday.  The famous comic book artist took his own life by hanging himself.

Al Rio, was born Alvaro Araújo Lourenço do Rio on 05/19/62, and was raised in Fortaleza, in the northeast of Brazil.  He became an animator for Disney in the 90's, working on the cartoon series "Aladdin" before he started working for Glasshouse Comics and then DC Comics.

He drew for Marvel, Vertigo Press, Dark Horse, Chaos! Comics, Avatar Press, Crossgen, Zenescope, Image, along with others.  He would draw woman eroticly, even releasing a book entitled "How To Draw Girls" and did brilliant work on Batman, and Spider-man as well.

Batman, Black Canary, & Catwoman

Batman, Black Canary, & Catwoman

He was working on "Fever Moon" for Random House at the time of his death.  He leaves behind a wife, Zilda, and 3 children, Renee, Adrialle, and Isabelle.

His funeral will take place today, Feb. 1st in on Cemitério São João Batista, in Fortaleza, Brazil.

We send our heartfelt prayers and love to his family and friends.  To check out the brilliant artwork of Al Rio, please go here.

Al Rio, you will be missed.-DocFB


New Spider-Man Movie Poster Revealed!

Spider-Man. Photo: Columbia Pictures
Spider-Man. Photo: Columbia Pictures

Spider-Man. Photo: Columbia Pictures

As if having Emma Stone as Peter Parker's love interest in the new Spider-Man film wasn't enough to entice us, the latest Spider_man movie poster has sealed the deal.

Columbia Pictures has released the movie poster for the Spider-Man reboot out in July. The film retells the legend of Spider-Man and lets you know, it is not going to be anything like Sam Rami's take on the web slinger.

A Batman and Spider-Man movie in the same summer?  We are in heaven.

What do you think of the latest poster?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  A No-Prize for those that know what happens to Gwen Stacy.....


Spider-Man “Turn Off The Dark” Broadway Soundtrack Giveaway! Win Now!

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack
Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack

For you Comic-Con Enthusiasts, comic book lovers, Broadway music lovers, have we got a treat for you.  We have a few copies of the Spider-Man "Turn Off The Dark" Broadway soundtrack to give away.  As you know, Bono and The Edge from U2 are on the sound track. 

Reeve Carney, who plays Peter Parker and Spider-Man in the Broadway production is featured as well as cast member Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson.  It also features the 20 member strong orchestra on the sound track.

So, how can you win a copy?  READ REST OF ENTRY


Omega1 Issue 2 Appisode Out Now! Download It Free Today Only!


We featured Omega issue 1 a couple weeks back n the response was strong!  Now, Omega1 issue 2's Appisode is out now..and today, you can download it for FREE! 

On Saturday, it will be $1.25. 

This is for your Ipad/Ipod

For the official site: http://www.omega1comic.com/

To download for free/purchase:  http://itunes.com/apps/odysseystudios

Check it out and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Funky Hotness


The Next Big Thing: APPISODES?!?!

 So, I was surfing iTunes today and happened upon the App Store and while I can preview it on the puter I can't actually enjoy the addictive stupidity of "Angry Birds" on my phone (thank God) but I did happen upon an app that made me want to upgrade (Thanks Verizon for finally adding iPhones!) to a new phone.

It's the world's first motion comic 'appisode' series on the Apple Network.  I like comic books but after a few minutes I feel schizophrenic finding my place from one dialogue bubble to the next. The sound effects, original score and story make it feel like Movie Watching your comic!

Omega 1 is a hot ass brunette who's been genetically enhanced after the last World War --- a "Hacker War" where ALL information is sold to the highest bidder. Like where you live (stalker alert!), credit card info, nuclear codes, you know, the info the credit collectors usually have anyway.  Hot assed, bendy Omega 1 is an information courier and kicks all kinds of ass in the process of bringing secured information to her clients (can we petition the US Post Office to employ chicks like this?!)

Anyway, its cool,  I like it.  Check it out! It's made for iPhone, iPads and iPods.  99 cents gets you the full appisode, character breakdowns, the actual comic book and commentaries.  You can preview the trailer here: 

P.S. Prince trivia here: Prince's original (and best IMHO) website designer Sam Jennings created their press website.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Appisode Of The Future?