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Hi everyone!  It's been a busy but fun month for me and the site.  I want to thank you guys again for your support of the drfunkenberry.com and the brand.

Just want to remind some people who may be new coming here that when leaving comments, you can just put 123@aol.com and it will take it.   It's just put there as part of the script.  Also, for some who criticize others spelling on the comments, don't sweat it.  You guys see me make mistakes all the time and it is because I am either typing too fast or actually writing the story on my blackberry too fast.

Also, on the top right corner of the site, if you have a celeb sighting, or some juicy gossip or breaking news to send us, or if you are a PR team, an assistant, or even a celeb yourself with something to promote, send us news!  We would love to hear from you.

I know a lot of you have been asking about t-shirts and we hope to have them sooner than later.  I have a set date in mind, but will keep that to myself for now and hope to share it with you soon. 

Again, thank you guys so, soooo, sooooooo much for your support.  2010 has been off to a great start for us and we hope the same for you.  Times are tough but we are rolling with the punches, thanks to you!-Dr.FB


Our Coverage Of Brittany Murphy’s Passing And The Criticism That Followed

Brittany Murphy.  Photo: TheInsider.com
Brittany Murphy.  Photo: TheInsider.com

Brittany Murphy. Photo: TheInsider.com

I feel that our coverage of Brittany Murphy's passing has been fair.  We had to bring up the drug rumors of Brittany's past because it was discussed. At the same time, we provided 3 links to support Brittany Murphy's mother theory that it could have been linked to her having diabetes type 2.

However, some of you either just looked at the new blurb on Twitter OR did not read the story completely. Laughable.

If you are going to criticize someone, read everything.  Don't go into it half-assed, so to speak.  I am fairly new to the game but I felt I handled MJ's passing and the coverage with dignity.  Straight up, there is some crap I HATE reporting on that happened in 2009 such as that Rihanna photo after she was beat up by Chris Brown.  There are many more stories, including the Brittany Murphy story and even news casters after she passed on local news brought up the drug rumors. 

Now, did you criticize your local news for saying that?  Did you call them dicks?  Did you say that they are just reporting on it like that to bring more hits/viewers to their site?  What a bunch of crap and I find it laughable and hypocritical.

It would be easy to be a snarky, self absorbed entertainment blogger.  To bad-mouth every single celeb out there n play favorites.  My "hits" and notoriety would be bigger if I went that way, but I haven't.  It makes the struggle harder, but I feel I have my integrity.

When we have stories such as Tiger Woods and now the passing of a young actress, the hits are higher and comments are more  then days where we report on Lady Gaga taking care of her fans and other heartwarming stories.  For those that criticize, I think that says a lot more about you than me.-Dr.FB


What People Are Saying About Drfunkenberry.com

DrFunkenberry Funk Logo
DrFunkenberry Funk Logo

DrFunkenberry Funk Logo

Here are a few random comments from emails, messages and twitter's about drfunkenberry.com

"What's up doc? Just wanted to say thank you for featuring our band on your web site. Our past few shows in L.A. have been sell-outs and hear a lot of people talking about the site when at the shows. It means a lot to the guys that you took an interest in featuring them without us contacting you. Thanks for all that you do."

"Doc, you don't even know what funk is!"

"Our team is planning on getting it to YOU first- thanks again for the interest in the band- its more than appreciated!"(These songs are going to blow your mind very soon y'all.)

"Come on doc, check your facts, don't become like every other tabloid site"

"I love you!"

"I really enjoy your posts, and the main reason for this is that you seem like a really nice guy (girl?). Unlike TMZ, WWTD etc. and, of course, the Evil Perez, you actually seem to give a …. about people."

"Doc, you suck!"

Just the wide spectrum and opinions of you all. Sometimes, I leave my messages on just to see what you all will say. Regardless of weather you hate me or love me or are somewhere in between, I thank you for making drfunkenberry.com a part of your daily routine and I am very appreciative either way.

Much Love and Keep Funkin'.-Dr.FB


Get Interactive & Let Your Voice Be Heard

We always appreciate your comments and LOVE when you post them. 

It is easy to leave a comment.  When it comes to an email address, you can just enter 123 or whatever followed by @aol.com and it will post.  It does NOT have to be your real email address.

 I do try to respond to comments when I can but rest assured, I do read them as well as others and it is very important to us what you say and write.

That is way we monitor what you like and don't like.  Thanks again for the support on what is looking like another record-breaking month.  We could not do it without you.-Dr.FB


Please Post Your Comments!!!!!!

We LOVE when you guys comment on the posts.

We saw there was some trouble comments not showing up last week but it has been fixed.

We do read them and try to respond when we have time. Plus, its great to see what you are interested in and converse with others.


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