Reminder: Comments, Sending News & Other Fun Stuff

Hi everyone!  It’s been a busy but fun month for me and the site.  I want to thank you guys again for your support of the and the brand. Just want to remind some people who may be new coming here that when leaving comments, you can just put and it will take […]

Our Coverage Of Brittany Murphy’s Passing And The Criticism That Followed

I feel that our coverage of Brittany Murphy’s passing has been fair.  We had to bring up the drug rumors of Brittany’s past because it was discussed. At the same time, we provided 3 links to support Brittany Murphy’s mother theory that it could have been linked to her having diabetes type 2. However, some […]

What People Are Saying About

Here are a few random comments from emails, messages and twitter’s about “What’s up doc? Just wanted to say thank you for featuring our band on your web site. Our past few shows in L.A. have been sell-outs and hear a lot of people talking about the site when at the shows. It means […]

Get Interactive & Let Your Voice Be Heard

We always appreciate your comments and LOVE when you post them.  It is easy to leave a comment.  When it comes to an email address, you can just enter 123 or whatever followed by and it will post.  It does NOT have to be your real email address.  I do try to respond to comments […]

Please Post Your Comments!!!!!!

We LOVE when you guys comment on the posts. We saw there was some trouble comments not showing up last week but it has been fixed. We do read them and try to respond when we have time. Plus, its great to see what you are interested in and converse with others. Thanks!-Dr.FB