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[caption id="attachment_23945" align="aligncenter" width="468" caption="Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough Rehersal. Photo: Courtesy ABC"]Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough Rehersal. Photo: Courtesy ABC[/caption]

Nurse IV back with my review of DTWS...week 2....or shall I say WEAK 2
Coming off of the shock of the Hoff getting turbo boosted off the show, I was looking forward to tonight's show.

Lets start off with the highly handsome Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke -- They danced the Jive to the song "Tush". I am sure the ladies wanted to see the Fox's tush, instead, the 6'7 former LakerĀ  gave us some impressive dance moves. The jive, being such a fast dance, Foxy didn't miss a step! I was surprised by his energy and so were the judges, but they did criticize him somewhat...but being they were the first couple to perform...they got an underestimated 21 out of 30.