New PRINCE “DA BOURGEOISIE”” Now For Sale! Listen Now!


PRINCE has released "DA BOURGEOISIE" as a download on 3RDEYETunes.com.

The song was previously released as a free mp3 given to fans on Twitter to distribute last week. This is a high quality wav file for $.088 cents!

There are some additions to the track.  Can you hear it?

Also, 3RDEYEGIRL has updated their Twitter profile.

1/7/2014? Hmm.

Prince announced earlier today that he will be playing 3 special concerts in Connecticut December 27th, 28th, and 29th.

For more info on the concerts, CLICK HERE. -DocFB

Diagnosis: Seriously? Cool to have this song in clear quality....


New PRINCE Demo “Da Bourgeoisie” FREE Download! Listen Now!!!

3RDEYEGIRL Screenshot

PRINCE has released a new demo entitled "Da Bourgeoisie" and like last month's "The Sweeter She Is" live rehearsal track, it was given to a Twitter follower to get out!

Around 1:41 A.M., 3RDEYEGIRL (Prince's official Twitter account) asked "Who wants to deliver this stolen Prince demo to the needy?" Hmm. To instead of 2. No caps lock issue. People were responding to the tweet with a frenzy....until one was chosen.


Jshua was asked for his email address and sent the demo. Cool deal.

For the download link and more on this story, click here!