New PRINCE Demo “Da Bourgeoisie” FREE Download! Listen Now!!!

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PRINCE has released a new demo entitled "Da Bourgeoisie" and like last month's "The Sweeter She Is" live rehearsal track, it was given to a Twitter follower to get out!

Around 1:41 A.M., 3RDEYEGIRL (Prince's official Twitter account) asked "Who wants to deliver this stolen Prince demo to the needy?" Hmm. To instead of 2. No caps lock issue. People were responding to the tweet with a frenzy....until one was chosen.


Jshua was asked for his email address and sent the demo. Cool deal.

For the download link and more on this story, click here!


Update: The song is now only for purchase!

"Da Bourgeoisie" is the track of the demo and Prince finds out that the girl he is with is getting it on with another girl. The song is a funk work out and we wonder what instruments if not all that Prince is playing. Hannah Welton confirmed she is playing drums on the track.

Hannah Screen Shot

Prince has tackled the lesbian situation before with "Bambi" where he tried to turn a lesbian straight. "Come on baby take my hand, I'm gonna show you what it's like to be loved by a man."

"I guess a man is only good for a rainy day/Maybe your just another bearded lady at the cabaret/Ray Charles even saw you in the past before he saw me/Because nothing like you ever lasts for eternity."

Will a song like "Da Bourgeoisie" cause a little bit of controversy while "Bambi" gets a pass?-DocFB

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Diagnosis: Don't forget to check the PRINCE Spreecast where we interviewed Cassandra O'Neal.

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  1. AnthonyLaMoriello Where’s the love and war part?

  2. All is fair in love and war my little scarlet pussy : )

  3. Prince,……………….
    [  Everybody Cries out for Tolerance,.. Only up until the time they are Called upon to be Tolerant themselves. ]
    Keep Playing what you believe,…
    I Dig the Song,…..
    Musgrave – Chicago

  4. madhouse8 It would be the same. Your perspective is homophobic, for Christ’s sake! LOL

  5. lifelinz You just said my opinion is ridiculous.  How am Ito even CONsider your argument?  You sound like, well, Prince. I have been a fan since 1979.  I think I’ve seen the direction Prince has gone in.  “Jehovah’s Witness” is almost like saying “bigot/judgmental”.

  6. And nobody talks about how insulting to bearded women… ^^

    I could be offended too.

  7. Listen, Speaking 4 Myself, When I Found My “X” 2 Be A COMPLETE
    FRAUD, All I Can Say Is, When THAT Happens, Whether U Want 2 Call It Gay BASHING
    Or STRAIGHT BASHING, U Just Want 2 Straight-Up BASH-‘EM. & When He Tried 2 Kiss
    Me, I 2 Wanted 2 SPIT. Nothing Cool About ANY1 Perpetrating A Fraud Of ANY Kind…PERIOD.
    That’s What I Can Say I Get From The Song…Chick Was A FRAUD & She Was Found
    Out, TYME 2 RETALIATE & Who Wouldn’t Retaliate? I DID But, Prince Just Did It FONKIER Than Me ;P. & I Totally Agree W/ madhouse8. That’s Just My Opinion.
    Nevertheless, Love4OneAnother, Beautiful 1’s ~<3

  8. Mark Seydel lifelinz Lying lips can cause one to spit. But let’s make the great assumption and leap you have made. Then Prince, the greatest androgynous performer in rock and roll history, is now homophobic bigot. The song is about lying and to stretch it beyond that is ridiculous, but it is your opinion and we all have one.

  9. seriously, what if the song was from the perspective of a woman about a man. Now lets say that this man was deceptive about his sexuality. Would we still be having this conversation? Me thinks not.
    Don’t turn this into something it is not. 
    I didn’t hear, “faggot” “queer” “dike”. But Eminem is the king of rap? Right?!?
    I didn’t hear, “nigga” “bitch” “hoe”, but Kanye is a genius? Right?!?

  10. bumpsquad2 YES! THANK YOU.

  11. OK Music is funky as hell, Great vocal delivery… Seriously can’t fault his vocal delivery, Guitar slick, Bass funky, Drums slamming…. Lyrics hmmmmmmm Houston we have a problem. You know when your grandparent says something a little bit racist or homophobic and you still love them but you don’t want to let it go unchallenged… WELL THAT . 
    You know (or at least hope) they didn’t mean to cause offence it’s just they didn’t know that acceptable language and humor have changed a bit since 1980….. Bambi gets a pass because it was written by a Naive 20 something musician not a 50 year old man who should really know better
    So Prince you are an amazing musician (as you have shown on this track), You are an amazing vocal performer (as you have also shown on this track) so why waist those amazing vocals on such questionable and bitter lyrics HAVE YOU HAD YOUR PLUS SIGN TODAY?

  12. lifelinz Do you really believe that?’  Come on!  He “spits” after talking about kissing her.  Wake up!

  13. Lifelinz, thank you.  I think people are so quick to attack anything and everything. What happened to freedom of speech? Everybody, just chill and enjoy the music.  If Prince wasn’t producing any music, you would be complaining about that…just enjoy the day and the music…

  14. Must be a huge blow for male ego to be rejected by a chick for another chick, U can’t really win them and U certainly can’t join them, oh well..
    I’m totally in love with Prince’s vocal ability, he always comes up with new ways to stretch his vocal cords..I wish he would do his own total version of his and Janelle’s collaboration ” Givin Em What They Love”  it’s not enough of his voice in that song it’s like pouring hot chocolate sauce on vanilla..thighs.. erm on ice cream I mean 🙂

  15. Relax people! The song’s perspective is one of being LIED to. Thus the word “dirty” means “dishonest; dishonorable.” Do a Google search on the term “dirty synonym.” Has nothing to do with sexual preference. SHE WAS NOT HONEST!

  16. I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the dirty word referred to the girl she was with?
    Who knows.
    As for Bambi getting a pass: “better with a man” is an opinion but “dirty word” is insulting to a whole community.
    I know he doesn’t like explaining his lyrics but you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the gay community for a misinterpreted song lyric. 
    …………and if that is what he meant then I’m backing away slowly from this timebomb 😉

  17. I love this song.

    Thx Doc for posting the lyrics.
    Should I share my point of U to the bitter people ?

    (It would be my humble opinion tho)

  18. Immanuel6 Mark Seydel Thank you for addressing the bigotry. I’m aware of his atrociously restrictive and narrow views, but I just don’t want to believe it. Disappointing.

  19. Lyrics
    Yesterday eye saw you kicking it with another girl
    You was all wrapped up around her waist
    last time eye checked U said U left the dirty world
    Well, it appears that wasn’t the case
    Hey eye seen you undercover like the CIA
    Snatching wigs from another little P…. (that’s French)
    Eye guess a mans only good 4 a rainy day
    Or maybe ur just another bearded lady at the cabaret
    Ray charles even saw U in the past before he saw me
    Cause nothing like U everlasts for eternity
    Eye’ve got the recipt baby where’s the guarantee?
    Eye forgot fake as a Christmas tree
    Eye wish I never kissed ur lips bearded lady
    Ooo ee baby
    Break it down
    Eye wish eye never kissed your lips (sound of him spitting)
    Dozen razor blades the memory
    Slippery lips of the bougiousey
    Everybody step right up and come and C
    The bearded lady take me up 2 G
    Yesterday U was kicking it with another girl
    U were all wrapped up around her waist
    last time eye checked U said U left that dirty world
    Well it appears that wasn’t the case
    Hey eye seen U undercover like the CIA
    ….. Just another rainy day
    Just another bearded lady at the cabaret Charles
    Just another

  20. Com’ear… I’ll give U “a breath U in” hug… baybe!

  21. Too funky…I guess Prince is producing music with the quickness again…me likes…

  22. funky tune.. but like Mark dunno what to think of the “dirty world” refference … anyone else think its insulting?

  23. Can anyone post the lyrics plz ?

  24. “……..the dirty world”  So gay is dirty?  I’m liking him less and less.

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