Alec Baldwin Appears on Saturday Night Live As Airline Pilot

Alec Baldwin went on Saturday Night Live acting as Americans Airlines pilot Captain Steve Rogers. As Captain Steve Rogers, he apologized to Alec Baldwin, and was very complimentary of himself….I mean Alec Baldwin..since he was Captain Steve Rogers. In an episode that already featured a digital clip with host Katy Perry, Matt Damon, and Val […]

Facebook: 750 Million & Growing

Wonder if Justin Timberlake and his Myspace peeps along with Google+ are about to do a spit check. On the news that just under 6 million people deleted their facebook page (Although you can’t really delete it) they announced they have over 750 million people with Facebook pages.  They are like the McDonald’s of the Social Networks…although […]

Jesse James Deletes Twitter Account Amid Affair Rumors

So it appears Jesse James has deleted his Twitter account while rumors of him cheating on Sandra Bullock with a hood rat named Michelle McGee are breaking everywhere. Why delete his Twitter account if he wasn’t cheating?  That would be the perfect forum to say it’s not true.  It also seems he would have conversations […]