Demi Lavoto’s New Single “Skyscraper” Part Of Her Recovery Journey


It is no secret that Demi Lovato has been battling demons for years.  She did something noble that took courage and checked herself into rehab to battle those demons. 

Her new song "Skyscraper" shows off those strong lyrics to help others who may have looked up to the Disney star in the past and hopefully still now.  Her voice may not be perfect but with the situation she is singing about, I would be more upset if the vocal delivery was watered down anyway.

Demi had this to say about the new single: "This isn't just a single or a song to me. This represents the strength of an incredibly difficult journey I've been on that will hopefully provide the faith and inspiration to others going through the hardest issues of their own. #STAYSTRONG #SKYSCAPER."

I have talked to several parents in the past who never wanted another story about Demi on my site, saying that she is not a good role model for kids.  Listen, no one is perfect.  Even role models.  What Demi has done has taken courage and I support her.  Hopefully, you all will too.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Team Skyscraper (Much Love Demi. #StayStrong)


Miley Cyrus Gets Into It With Paparazzi

OK, do WE really care about getting shots of Miley Cyrus eating or leaving a restaurant?  Paparazzi did last night when she was out with Demi Lavato.

So what do you think?  Should Miley put up with it or was the paparazzi right for shooting her?  They did get their shot and not sure what they were expecting except for her blowing up the way she did.



Twilight Star Breaks Hearts As They Hook Up With Joe Jonas

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

The rumors are true!

Ashely Greene and Joe Honas Jonas are together.  They were caught kissing in New York last Friday. 

This photo shows him going in for the lunge.  Unfortunately, the photo of them kissing was blurry, but trust me, they kissed.

So Joe goes from Demi Lavato to Ashley Greene?  Well, a little bit older, shall we say.

Not sure this couple is going to cause ripples in Hollywood, will it?-Dr.FB


News Boxers & Briefs: Relationship Edition

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Together 11/08/09  Photo: Famepictures.com


Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Together 11/08/09 Photo: Famepictures.com

David Schwimmer, best known as Ross from "Friends" is engaged to photographer Zoe Buckman.  Much is being said about the age difference of David, 43 and Zoe, 24 and calling David a creepy old man.  Haters....

Contrary to rumors and photos we posted of Justin at Tao Nightclub in Vegas, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still together.... So guess Justin WASN'T bringing "Sexyback" to his hotel room then...right?......

Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame has dumped her longtime boyfriend Jay Barrymore (no relation to Drew.) as the couple was dating for 2 years..... Go get her Re-headed kid from the Potter movies whose name escapes me right now....

Demi Lovato, the cutie, is letting it be known that her and Joe Jonas are an item.  Seriously, an item.  I saw them at Target and did a price check on them while picking up a Bender Ball.  Joe Jonas is happy the relationship is out in the open.  Yea, so the gay rumors will stop.  Oh come on.  Don't act like you haven't heard them.  Rumor has it if Joe didn't start dating Demi, Justin Bieber woulda been all over that Disney behind...Oh baby, baby, baby....

Jennifer LustLove Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy have went splits-ville as a comment was released to People Magazine about the break-up.  Hope Jamie was aware of that......

Mario Lopez or A.C. Slater, for those who can't let go of "Saved By The Bell" has got someone sperminated.  Rumor has it he told Zack Morris at The Max and he told Kelly Kapowski and somehow, Screech couldn't keep it to himself and told Mr. Belding who told everyone.  The girl is Courtney Mazza and it appears to be the 1st baby for both.....

Please don't name it Screech!-Dr.FB


Video: Selena Gomez & Demi Lavato’s Great Movie

Here is a the always crazy silly cool girls Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato being playful in "My Great Movie". Cute and fun and def postworthy. Enjoy "Waking Up Before You Go-Go" And "Jump" whenever you can.-Dr.FB