Justin Timberlake Brings Back The “Dick In A Box” Guys For SNL!

Justin Timberlake File Photo

Justin Timberlake's Saturday Night Live hosting gig for the 5th time was a major success as he also performed.

Justin had some major stars on the show as he joined the 5 timers club and brought back the "Dick In The Box" guys along with Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin's "2 Wild & Crazy Guys" for a dating show.

Justin also performed and on the Saturday Night Live site, it says he did his own songs. Wow. What a concept. We did find it funny when he introduced himself for "Suit & Tie" but later had the Three Amigos introduce him for "Mirrors" which Billboard has already called an iconic classic.

It was a really great show and solid performances. Kudos Justin.-DocFB

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Video: “3 Way (The Golden Rule)” Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga & Andy Samberg

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg brought back the "Dick In The Box" and "Mother Lover" guys on Saturday Night Live for 3 way (The Golden Rule) and they brought Lady Gaga with her looking like a hot 90's hooch!

Check it out above and is a 3 way ever "gay" anyway?-Dr.FB

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Justin Timberlake To Bring Back “Di** In The Box” SNL Skit

Justin Timberlake along with Andy Samberg is going to bring back the "Di** In The Box" guys. This will be the 3rd after "Mother Lover" and we are looking forward to it.

Justin hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend with musical guest Lady Gaga who don't imagine will be in the skit with the boys.

Looking forward to it. Are you?-Dr.FB

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