Justin Timberlake Brings Back The “Dick In A Box” Guys For SNL!

Justin Timberlake File Photo

Justin Timberlake's Saturday Night Live hosting gig for the 5th time was a major success as he also performed.

Justin had some major stars on the show as he joined the 5 timers club and brought back the "Dick In The Box" guys along with Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin's "2 Wild & Crazy Guys" for a dating show.

Justin also performed and on the Saturday Night Live site, it says he did his own songs. Wow. What a concept. We did find it funny when he introduced himself for "Suit & Tie" but later had the Three Amigos introduce him for "Mirrors" which Billboard has already called an iconic classic.

It was a really great show and solid performances. Kudos Justin.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Justin will be on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon All Week

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  1. He was outstanding!!!!… He did practically the whole show. Was very impressed with his soulfulness…

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