Watch Now! “People Pleaser” Guitar Center Sessions With Andy Allo!

Andy Allo Guitar Center Sessions

Guitar Center Sessions With Andy Allo is set to air Friday Feb. 22nd and ahead of the show, they released Andy performing "People Pleaser" with the NPG band!

Catch an all new episode of Guitar Center Sessions with Andy Allo on February 22nd at 9pm ET /10pm PT on DirecTV Audience Network Channel 239. Visit http://gc.guitarcenter.com/sessions/ for other great performances. Get Andy's latest album "Superconductor".

We hope that a live performance "If I Was King" was performed.  We saw it on Jimmy Kimmel but it never aired or was put on the web.  Boo.

Andy Allo Photo Mathieu Bitton

Set your DVR's for FUNK overload next Friday! Enjoy the photo above from Mathieu Bitton!-DocFB

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Guitar Center Sessions Returns To DirecTV Starring Andy Allo & Others

Andy Allo Guitar Sessions Promo Photo

Guitar Center Sessions on DirecTV is returning this weekend and will feature Andy Allo on Feb. 22nd, 2013.

We spoke with Andy about the performance and what "Superconductors" can expect on the show.

There will be a 6 piece horn section, John Blackwell on drums, Cassandra O'Neal on keys, Gouché on Bass and Mike Scott on Guitar.

She will be performing songs from "Superconductor" and throwing in a cover or 2 as well.

Andy Allo Promo Photo

A full line-up of upcoming guests can be found HERE. Notable acts include Ben Folds Five, and Skylar Grey.

Make sure to purchase "Superconductor" on Itunes or Amazon.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Looking forward to Andy's performance!

Andy Allo Guitar Sessions Promo Photo


Andy Allo & Her Band Set For Guitar Center Sessions TV Special

With Andy Allo's "Superconductor" set for release within the month, September 20th, to be exact, promotion is getting kicked into high gear!

Andy and her 9 piece member militia will be performing exclusively on DirecTV's Guitar Center Sessions.

We will be looking forward to this along with the release of "Superconductor" and we can't wait for you to hear it either!

Once the air date is confirmed, we will let U know!

Here is video of Slash doing the show earlier this year....

Also, check out the picture below taken by Justine Walpole with her dress being provided by Magpie.-DocFB


Time Warner Cable Dropping Fox Shows?

Fox Sports.  Image: NewYork DailyNews.com
Fox Sports.  Image: NewYork DailyNews.com

Fox Sports. Image: NewYork DailyNews.com

I don't know about you but for the last 2 weeks, my local Fox networks have been airing commercials that starting New Years, Time Warner Cable will be dropping all Fox network shows. 

Fox wants to start charging for it's local channels, which in Los Angeles, they have 2 and it would add up to about a $1.00 per month per cable subscriber.  Time Warner had a battle with Nickelodeon in 2008 and was settled after the deadline.  About 10 years ago, ABC and Time Warner got into it where Time Warner did pull ABC and ABC affiliated networks. 

Time Warner has struck deals with everyone in the past but the NFL Network and in some way, this Fox deal has a lot to do with the NFL on Fox.

Fox owns DirecTV, which earlier this year renewed with the NFL to carry the games only on DirecTV.  This makes the 3rd time this decade that before the deal was over, it was extended to where Time Warner and other cable companies could not bid to get the NFL package.   This could be Time Warner not budging just in spite. 

It makes Fox look greedy and no one in this economy is going to side with Fox if they knew what it was about.  But they don't, which most likely has a lot of people signing up to keep Fox on Time Warner. 

 I am sure a deal will be in place before American Idol debuts it's new season on Fox in mid-Janaury.  However, the bowl games and the NFL game that is expected to go to 80 percent of the nation this Sunday where the Philadelphia Eagles travel to play the Dallas Cowboys with the division and playoff positions are on the line, you just may not get. 

The contract expires Thursday.  Whose side do you take on this; Fox or Time Warner?-Dr.FB