Guitar Center Sessions Returns To DirecTV Starring Andy Allo & Others

Andy Allo Guitar Sessions Promo Photo

Guitar Center Sessions on DirecTV is returning this weekend and will feature Andy Allo on Feb. 22nd, 2013.

We spoke with Andy about the performance and what “Superconductors” can expect on the show.

There will be a 6 piece horn section, John Blackwell on drums, Cassandra O’Neal on keys, Gouché on Bass and Mike Scott on Guitar.

She will be performing songs from “Superconductor” and throwing in a cover or 2 as well.

Andy Allo Promo Photo

A full line-up of upcoming guests can be found HERE. Notable acts include Ben Folds Five, and Skylar Grey.

Make sure to purchase “Superconductor” on Itunes or Amazon.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Looking forward to Andy’s performance!

Andy Allo Guitar Sessions Promo Photo




  1. Purplewonder

    That’s nice, but not a lot of peeps have DirectTV what about the other major cable providers?

  2. <3 for Andy but why cant I buy Superconductor with an online shop that accepts paypal like bandcamp, this and the album being on country restrictions on spotify make a sad face 🙁

  3. Lydia

    Yellow Gold
    When Stars Collide
    Love Is A Losing Game [Amy Whinehouse)
    Fast Car [Tracy Chapman]
    People Pleaser
    More Than This [Bryan Ferry]
    If I Was King

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