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Here are a few random comments from emails, messages and twitter's about drfunkenberry.com

"What's up doc? Just wanted to say thank you for featuring our band on your web site. Our past few shows in L.A. have been sell-outs and hear a lot of people talking about the site when at the shows. It means a lot to the guys that you took an interest in featuring them without us contacting you. Thanks for all that you do."

"Doc, you don't even know what funk is!"

"Our team is planning on getting it to YOU first- thanks again for the interest in the band- its more than appreciated!"(These songs are going to blow your mind very soon y'all.)

"Come on doc, check your facts, don't become like every other tabloid site"

"I love you!"

"I really enjoy your posts, and the main reason for this is that you seem like a really nice guy (girl?). Unlike TMZ, WWTD etc. and, of course, the Evil Perez, you actually seem to give a …. about people."

"Doc, you suck!"

Just the wide spectrum and opinions of you all. Sometimes, I leave my messages on just to see what you all will say. Regardless of weather you hate me or love me or are somewhere in between, I thank you for making drfunkenberry.com a part of your daily routine and I am very appreciative either way.

Much Love and Keep Funkin'.-Dr.FB