Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz: It’s Only Going To Get Uglier

Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson. Photo: SI.com
Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson. Photo: SI.com

Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson. Photo: SI.com

UFC Tito Ortiz was arrested yesterday for domestic violence against former adult film star Jenna Jameson.  As of last night, ESPN would not say who he hit.  TMZ cameras were there to see him get arrested. 

Ortiz was arrested as Jenna was seen wearing an arm brace and appearing shaken after a TMZ cameraman talked with her.  Jenna said she would press charges in the morning.  A restraining order was slapped on Ortiz, who posted bail in the afternoon. 

Jameson then said later in the day that she hopes to work things out with Oritz.  Ortiz later held a press conference in North Hollywood, where he seemed extremely honest and sincere saying that he did not touch Jenna and is addicted to Oxycontin and that he refuses to let his children see that. 

Jenna and Tito have 2 sons and have been together for 6 years.  After Ortiz's press conference, Jenna told TMZ that he is just trying to save his career and is spreading lies. 

In a truly disturbing part to the story, people who do not like Ortiz took to attacking Jenna about the attack on Twitter, happy that he beat her up.  Jenna has said she is going to leave Twitter and close her account, but she hasn't yet. 

TMZ was able to obtain a photo of Tito in his jail cell, showing again that cops are on the take from them.  TMZ being there from the start has been kind of weird.  It seems like a TV show, which TMZ is now, but still, it's real life and for them to be there and have access to the things they had, just seems like an invasion of privacy, but at the same time, it's like Jenna wanted them there.

It really is a battle of he said she said and it really is only going to get uglier.-Dr.FB


Charlie Sheen Pleads Not Guilty To Domestic Violence

Charlie Sheen (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen, left, enters Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen, Colo., on Monday, March 15, 2010 | AP Photo/David Zalubowski

In an Aspen, Colorado courtroom today, Charlie Sheen pled not guilty to domestic violence charges. It was Christmas Day last year when Sheen's wife,  Brooke Mueller Sheen, told police in a 911 call that he had put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

Sheen denied threatening his wife with a knife or choking her. He told officers they had slapped each other on the arms and that he had snapped two pairs of her eyeglasses in front of her, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Sheen showed little emotion and said nothing during his brief arraignment in Pitkin County District Court. The plea was entered by Richard Cummins, one of Sheen's attorneys.

Sheen is charged is charged with menacing, criminal mischief and assault. Menacing, the most serious charge, carries a sentence of one to three years in prison. The jury trial is set to begin on July 21. -Dr.FB


Charlie Sheen Arrested For Domestic Violence?

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller.  File Photo
Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller.  File Photo

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller. File Photo

Charlie Sheen was arrested in Aspen, Colorado for domestic violence.   It happened early Friday morning as a 911 call was placed and the actor was arrested for star for "felony second degree assault, felony menacing and criminal mischief," which is a misdemeanor.

The person who placed the call was Brooke Mueller, Charlie wife.  Sheen posted $8,500 in bail and has been released.  Brooke said Charlie hit her, but Charlie is saying that she was the aggressor and was just trying to fight here off. 

Law officers visited Brooke while Charlie was in jail and had Brooke take a breathalyzer test and she was legally drunk, posting a 1.3 compared to Charlie's .04.   While visiting with Brooke, she said the charge was "PHONY"  but police will still pursue the case.

The police tried talking with Brooke again today but she is now refusing to talk with them.  The police said they usually follow a procedure filing paperwork against someone who files a false report.

Charlie Sheen's people released this statement: "Do not be mislead by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion."

Charlie Sheen's court date has been set for Feb. 8th, 2010.-Dr.FB


Was Saturday Night Live Skit Insensitive To Rihanna?

Rihanna Leaving SNL Afterparty.  Photo: PacifciCoastNewsOnline.com
Rihanna Leaving SNL Afterparty.  Photo: PacifciCoastNewsOnline.com

Rihanna Leaving SNL Afterparty. Photo: PacifciCoastNewsOnline.com

This weekend, Saturday Night Live poked fun at Tiger Woods and the domestic violence rumors surrounding him with regards to his cheating.  One problem; Rihanna, who had a domestic violence incident happen to her earlier this year was the musical guest. 

Was it the smart thing to do to poke fun at a domestic violence incident that we know happened, even though it was denied,  be shown when one of the biggest headlines of this year and of recent memory was with Rihanna and her being beaten by former boyfriend Chris Brown? 

It may have come off as funny and it was the hot topic of the moment, but was it insensitive to Rihanna?  Did they run the skit by her?  Did they let her know that they were doing it?  If not, it comes off as highly irresponsible by Lorne Michaels and the writers of Saturday Night Live. 

Here is the skit below:

What do you think? Was it insensitive to do with Rihanna there?-Dr.FB


Halle Berry Brings Us An Evening Of Awareness

Halle Berry.  Photo: GettyImages.com
Halle Berry.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Halle Berry. Photo: GettyImages.com

Halle Berry was in New York last night for "The Evening Of Awareness" event looking worse for the wear which is hard when you are Halle Berry.

Maybe it had to do with Berry recently became involved with the project of helping out the Jenesse Center, which offers help to domestic violence victims.  Berry just announced a short time ago that her mother was a victim of domestic violence.

Halle was quoted ; “I care, I really care about these women and children.” I think she cares and it takes a lot out of her taking on this project to where she looked a little tired.  I think we can all relate there are a few things that we care for in life but leave us feeling drained after helping.-Dr.FB


Video: Keira Knightly’s Banned Domestic Violence PSA



A PSA about domestic violence starring Keira Knightly is being banned overseas. We agree it is very violent, but so is domestic abuse. This is why I am choosing to post the controversial video for you to decide.
So was the needed? Was there another way to get the point across? You tell me.-Dr.FB