What In The World Is Nicki Minaj Wearing?

Nicki Minaj. Photo: GettyImages.com

From the blonde hair turning green at the end, Nicki’s dress was rather different.  Different meaning….even thought she has a style all her own, we are not even sure ourselves if the outfit was a hit or miss. We are talking about it, but it is….something.  Well, she could have been like everyone else n […]

Paris Hilton’s Dress Turns On Her

Paris Hilton. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Do you miss the old days when we would get views of Paris showing off her lady bits?  Yea, we don’t either. Apparently, Paris Hilton’s dress did miss those days and would not cooperate by staying down.  Gotta love static cling, don’t you? Thankfully, Paris actually wears something under her dress nowadays.-Dr.FB

Ke$ha: From Dirty To Glam

Ke$ha cleaned up again in just enough time to get fitted for some dresses by fashion designer Jean-Claude Jitrois. Jean Claude took Ke$ha’s measurements even though the good doctor would have done it.  I like the girl when she is clean and the dirty look….not so much because….she really looks dirty…and I don’t even want […]

Fergie Looks Delicious

Fergie NRJ Awards 2010

Fergie, along with her band mates the Black Eyed Peas, showed up to the NRJ Awards in Cannes, France this weekend. Fergie wore a beautifully delicious purple dress that accentuated her healthy body.  Girl got hips n it is fairly obvious she works on her fitness and her backside quite well.  Fergie has gotten a […]

Rihanna’s Dress Has It’s Moments


I was all set to talk about how great Rihanna looked at the NRJ Awards in France over the weekend…..til I saw the full dress.  God Awful.  I mean what a great top of the dress but the bottom?  What the heck is that?  Pants? What the what?  I swear. From hot to soooooo not.  […]