Video: Sacha Baron Cohen Versus Ryan Seacrest Goes To Ashes

Sacha Baron Cohen was allowed on The Oscar Red Carpet as "The Dictator" Admiral Aladeen, his latest movie character, and was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest when things got ashy.

The Dictator was carrying around the ashes of Kim Jong II, the former North Korea dictator that died late last year.

Ryan seemed in on things as they talked about socks from K-Mart but as they talked about the urn and spilling it over Halle Berry's chest, it was spilled over Ryan and his tuxedo.

Ryan didnt' seem so pleased when his co-hosts deemed him to be lucky to be chosen by Cohen for the prank.

Ryan had this to saw on Twitter shortly after: My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets, always wondered why. Now I know.

Check out the live TV moment above.-DocFB


Demi Lovato Releases Powerful Video For “Skyscraper”


There are times when songs are so powerful.  They are not sung perfectly.  They are not going to win awards.  The message, however, the journey, makes the song amazing.  This is one of those instances.  We all know Demi Lovato has been though a lot in the past year.  Rehab.  So-called weight issues.  Losing the approval of Disney moms.  The thing is, many teenage girls relate to her in ways we just don't understand.

"Skyscraper" (The other blogger cannot even spell that right) debuted on E! News tonight.  They get it.  They are not putting Demi under the rug.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Everyone wants to rise up as tall as a skyscraper after hitting rock bottom. 

"You can take everything I have.  You can break everything I am" she sings.  The thing is, they did.  Yet, she is rising from the ground. 

Like I said before, it is not sung perfectly but the emotions more than make up for it.  If it was sung perfectly without the emotions and inspiration, I would not be digging it.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  #StayStrong


Tamar Kaprelian’s “New Day” Debuts On E! News

"New Day" by Tamar Kaprelian debuted on E! News with Ryan Seacrest introducing the video.

He pronounced her name correctly which Made Tamar tweet:

@RyanSeacrest RYAN! You did the intro to my music video NEW DAY on @ENews!!! And you pronounced my first and last name correctly!

Ha!  Also Tamar punk'd yet another Starbucks.  This time taking a twitpic of her leaving postcards at the Agoura Hills Starbucks location. 

Hmm.  Is that cross promotion we smell soon or is that a frappuccino?  Time will tell.  More Kaprelian news on the way later this week.

For now, enjoy the full video of "New Day" by your girl TK.-Dr.FB


Ryan Seacrest Is American Idol’s $45 Million Dollar Man

Ryan Seacrest File Photo
Ryan Seacrest File Photo

Ryan Seacrest File Photo

Ryan Seacrest will be doing American Idol for at least the next 3 years.  Guaranteed money will be $30 million dollars and could earn him $45 million dollars.

Seacrest has 3 jobs, radio show host, host of E! News and the American Idol gig. If Ryan Seacrest is getting paid that much, you have to wonder how much Simon Cowell is about to make when his contract runs out.-Dr.FB


Kendra Wilkinson Confirms To E! She Is Pregnant

Kendra W www.blogspot.com
Kendra W www.blogspot.com

Kendra Wilkinson File Photo

Early last night, Kendra Wilkenson let it be known that she is pregnant by letting E! News know first.  We were asked to pass that message on were glad to do so.

Congrats to Kendra & the father Hank Baskett!-Dr.FB


Grey’s Anatomy Star Cut From Show!

Brooke Smith Let Go From Greys.  Photo: ABC.com
Brooke Smith Let Go From Greys.  Photo: ABC.com

Brooke Smith Let Go From Grey's. Photo: ABC.com

Wow.  Brooke Smith who plays Dr. Erica Hahn was just let go from Grey's Anatomy.  Her character recently discovered she is Gay.  Discovered?  Hmm. 

ABC sources tell E! some of the upcoming gay story lines are either being erased from the script of being heavily downplayed.

Melissa George, who just joined the cast as a bisexual lover for Sara Ramirez's character Callie.  That storyline will now go nowhere. 

Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes issued this statement to the media after Entertainment Weekly broke the story:

"Brooke Smith was obviously not fired for playing a lesbian. Clearly it's not an issue as we have a lesbian character on the show -- Calliope Torres. Sara Ramirez is an incredible comedic and dramatic actress and we wanted to be able to play up her magic. Unfortunately, we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke's character would sustain in the long run. The impact of the Callie/Erica relationship will be felt and played out in a story for Callie. I believe it belittles the relationship to simply replace Erica with 'another lesbian.' If you'll remember, Cristina mourned the loss of Burke for a full season."

Wonder if this has anything to do with Grey's slipping ratings.  God, I hate election year television.  Aside from late night comedy shows, everyone suffers.-Dr.FB