Ed Hardy

Snooki Gets Her Guido Cookie

Snooki and Guido Juicehead.

Snooki and her boytoy Emilio, who she is calling Guido Juicehead landed at LaGuardia airport yesterday and made sure to give him a kiss for the cameras. MTV is reeling in the stars for partying too much and only allowing them to do 2 personal appearances a week.  Also, the producers have to approve the appearances.  […]

Video~ Jon Gosselin “Turns Back Time”

Jon Gosselin Goes Back in Time from Jon Gosselin Jon Gosselin has a sense of humor? Well, it seems like he does as he uses Cher to “Turn Back Time” and change a few things. Check out the funny or die video that is very funny above.-Dr.FB

Jon Gosselin Proves He Is A Douche By Not Taking Care Of His Kids

It doesn’t take wearing an Ed Hardy shirt to make you look like a douche (yes, you two guys at Target yesterday, I am talking about you too) John Gosselin. Not taking care of your kids as well makes you look like a super douche as well jack-ass! Your killing me here John. You are […]

Jon Gosselin Hangs Out With Fashion Douche Christian Audigier

How do you make Kate Gosselin look good? Stand Jon Gosselin next to Christian Audigier. Jon Gosselin visited Christian Audigier on the French Riveria this weekend where Jon is rumored to be doing work for Christian and his douchey Ed Hardy shirts.  About 500,000 guys who go to the gym on a daily basis just […]