Esthero’s New Video “Never Gonna Let You Go” Is A Black & White Masterpiece

"Never Gonna Let You Go" is the latest video by Esthero introducing us to Princess Furious directed by Sean Michael Turrell.

Esthero plays the mommy to Princess Furious who is...well...quite furious at Johnny and his blonde little toyfriend.

Esthero's a cappela at first is quite cool along with her ode to 50's lingerie later in the video. Although for some reason, we can't see a few drinks make Esthero fumble around a hallway.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think. Us? We DIG it!-DocFB


Hotness! Esthero Returns With “Never Gonna Let You Go”

"Never Gonna Let You Go" is by the bad-ass herself Esthero who aside from the "21 Jump Street" song has been away far too long!

Not only is she one of the funkiest female's on the planet, she is a MUST Follow on twitter.

"Never Gonna Let You Go" is infectious and the voice is like sultry buttah.

Check out the song above and we promise you that you will be hearing more from Esthero soon on Drfunkenberry.com-DocFB


Pray For Esthero

Esthero Is Asking For Your Prayers. File Photo
Esthero Is Asking For Your Prayers. File Photo

Esthero Is Asking For Your Prayers. File Photo

Esthero just sent out a few tweets:

i'd like to ask a favour. could everybody pray for me - i just found out i need a surgery i can't afford. don't worry, not life threatening

But your prayers would be appreciated. pray the funds to do this find their way to me.

Sending out prayers Esthero. You are one tough sumbitch so it must be something even if not life-threatening.-Dr.FB

You can follow Esthero on Twitter

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Scene & Heard

Saturday night at the Roosevelt Hotel, spotted were Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, Shaun Stewart, and singer Esthero......Sunday at the Farmers Market at the Grove were Salma Hayek with Valentina. At the Grove itself was the funny n kind Ross Matthews aka Ross The Intern with what we assume was his boyfriend....Zac Efron was spotted on a beautiful Sunday afternoon driving around Hollywood in what we call an undercover car...-Dr.FB


Mascot Prince with H.C. Coming To L.A. Club

This Just In!

Prince Dressed in yellow & black, (in honor of his new “H.C.” mascot status) has been following the Honey Collective around like a groupie. 

He may attend Goa sometime Tuesday night with a few members of his band.  They have been in town rehearsing for a book release party to be held outdoors at his newly acquired Beverly Hills crib.  (More on that later.)

What’s the allure of the Honey Collective?  Where does one start…

Even tho there is no designated leader of the group, it seems to evolve around core members:  DJ Rashida, Monica, Shelley, DJ Eque and a bevvy of other beautiful female musicians, dancers and poets which include but are not limited to: Bria Valente, Jack of J Davey, (yes, a ferocious female) Esthero, Gabriela the spy, Ruth Arzate, an amazing dancer who goes by 1 letter: V, and Sanaa Hamri, the director.

Now get this: To qualify as one of the members, all women must take a lie detector test to determine the following:

1. That they have to be celibate for at least 3 years.

2.  That they are free from all contracts and agree to remain that way forever.

3. That they have a LOVE for real music and will not rest until the city of Los Angeles is the nucleus of the NEW WORLD ORDER of FUNK!

Sounds like our kinda ladies, tho-not so sure bout that vow of celibacy!

Stay tuned, this is gonna be funky.-Dr.FB