Lady Gaga Falls On Stage…Keeps On Rocking!

  Well, Lady Gaga Extravaganza did it again.  Making headlines…without any effort.  This time, while playing in Houston, Texas and singing “You & I” she got up on her piano bench and then…abruptly fell down…but kept singing and got her booty right back up n continued the show. Again, we give her flack when she […]

Lady Gaga Takes A Fall!

Lady Gaga. Photo: INFDaily.com

We knew those shoes would be the downfall of Lady Gaga sooner or later!  Gaga did something that she can’t do on the charts and that is fall. Lady Gaga was making her way through Heathrow International Airport and she tripped over her own boots.  She took a stumble but got herself back up and […]

Jennifer Lopez Falls On Her Butt At AMA’s

If you get the West Coast feed of the American Music Awards, you missed Jennifer Lopez fall on her luscious butt during her performance. You know, if it wasn’t edited out, I may not have posted a video just about her falling on the wonderful bootie, but when you pull something like that, you bringing […]