Jennifer Lopez Falls On Her Butt At AMA’s

If you get the West Coast feed of the American Music Awards, you missed Jennifer Lopez fall on her luscious butt during her performance.

You know, if it wasn't edited out, I may not have posted a video just about her falling on the wonderful bootie, but when you pull something like that, you bringing attention to it.

Like J.Lo really needed her butt getting her more attention. Thanks ABC and it's censors for bringing more attention to it.-Dr.FB

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  1. So what she made a booboo…We all do. Does it have to make the news?!? Besides, She’s got plenty junk to protect her trunk. I’m sure and hope her behind is ok. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. LOL THAT WAS FUNNY …. well the better u think u are the harder u fall on ur ass!!

  3. See? By removing it and editing it, it brought attention to it. L.A.M.E.

  4. So many of us thought it was part of the choreography.. lol
    like she was gonna spin and break dance or somethin’ ๐Ÿ˜›
    — she got up so quick and just went on with the routine..

    stupid, stupid song, but she performed well (and I loved how her hair was pinned up)

  5. LMAO… ok so did she MEAN to do it? Cus I cant really read her face. I mean she had a dude HOLDING HER DAMN HAND! Like he was bracing her for what was about to happen. I guess a close up of her face woulda been a world of difference so I could see if she was laughing, embarassed or determined to play it off…. No matter what… it was funny. I dont care what anyone says…”dont laff cus she fell… blah blah blah… what kinda person are u for laffing…. blah blah blah..” EFF THAT! I laffed when Beyonce stoopid self fell and told folks not to post it…. Im laffin here too!

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