Lady Gaga Falls On Stage…Keeps On Rocking!


Well, Lady Gaga Extravaganza did it again.  Making headlines...without any effort.  This time, while playing in Houston, Texas and singing "You & I" she got up on her piano bench and then...abruptly fell down...but kept singing and got her booty right back up n continued the show.

Again, we give her flack when she is too flashy or when it is not needed, but Lady Extravaganza did it again, showing she is a great performer..and a professional one. 

Check out the footage above and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  You Can't Keep Gaga Down

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  1. From the little I’ve seen of this person, & my observation, I’d say I’m surprised she hasn’t fallen off the planet yet….thank 4 allowing my opinion

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