Florence & The Machine

Kelly Clarkson Covers Florence & The Machine’s “Shake It Out”

Kelly Clarkson’s concerts appear to be really fun, especially with her cover requests by fans. This time, she covered “Shake It Out” by Florence & The Machine in Jersey. Kelly says she loves all types of music….except for death metal. She is rocking an Ozzy Osborne shirt though. Hmm. The real “American Idol” nailed this […]

Video: Katy Perry Takes American Idol To Boot Camp

What is hotter than Katy Perry in military fatigues? Not much, quite frankly. Katy made her yearly American Idol performance last night. Although the song appears to be about her soon to be exhusband Russell Brand, she has been dating Flroence & The Machine band member Robert Ackroyd. The breakdown dance part reminds us of […]