Matthew Perry Rips “2 And A Half Men” Star Angus T. Jones In New “Funny Or Die” Parody

Matthew Perry's Testimony (Pt.2) from Matthew Perry

We knew an Angus T. Jones Parody couldn't be too far behind and our favorite "Friend" Matthew Perry delivered and then some.

He starts off by stating no one should watch his new show "Go On" and said he made a video like this for "Studio 60" urging people not to watch it then and said the video was mega-successful since NO ONE watched that show!

He stated he is going to be like Angus T. Jones must be doing for slamming his show and give back all the money he has made from "Go On", and "Studio 60" and other shows. He is then asked if he is going to give back the money he made from "Friends" and his response is PRICELESS!

Check out the comedy gold above from Matthew Perry.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Suck on that Angus!


Video: What Makes Lenny Kravitz Angry?

Lenny Kravitz is a frickin riot! In a new Funny or Die video, we find out why Lenny Kravitz is angry and what makes him angry.

Lenny is awesome. This is way too funny. Who likes walnuts in cookies anyway?

Love this.  Love.  Love.  Love.  What more can I say?

Check it out above and let us know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Glad he was talking about an Eclipse and not a Twilight Eclipse


Kesha Goes Disney for “Princess Ke$ha”

Funny or Die has done it again..but did they get permission for that Disney logo n all?

Kesha..or Ke$ha tries to keep it clean for about 30 seconds n sees how boring it is for her.  So, she dirties it up...big time....

Check out the ending as her shopping cart chariot awaits.  Oh man!-Dr.FB


Piranha 3D Oscar Contender?

Ha!  Check out this funny or die clip for why Piranha 3D deserves to be nominated for Oscars.

Kelly Brook and Jerry O'Connell make a few valid points, no? 

Check it out above.-Dr.FB


Steve Carell & Zach Galifianakis Have War Of Words

Check out the latest Funny Or Die video with Steve Carell and Zach Galifianakis where they show how an interview can go straight wrong.

Too funny!-Dr.FB


Justin Bieber Stole “Baby” Song? Spoof

Check out this video about of Aziz Ansari as Raaaaaaandy saying that Justin Bieber took the song "Baby" from him and busted a cap in his knee.

It seems Justin is a fan of the spoof as well. Check it out above.-Dr.FB


Video: Ryan Reynolds Goes Off On Betty White

Here is something new from Funnyordie.com.  It is a behind the scenes look at the new Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds movie "The Proposal", which also stars Golden Girl Betty White.

See Betty White & Ryan Reynolds go off on each other and Sandra Bullock show why husband Jesse James doesn't screw with her!