Victoria Justice Releases “Gold” Video! Watch Now!

Victoria Justice has just released the video to her latest single “Gold” and it appears she is gold. Hmm. Gold?-DocFB Diagnosis: Unless VJ promotes this everywhere, not sure it will hit “Gold” status. Get to promoting Justice and good luck!

Victoria Justice Releases “Gold” Listen Now!

Victoria Justice has just released her new single “Gold” and she wants her man to “man up and make his move”! “Gold” is her next single from her upcoming album and it has a pop appeal for sure! To listen to “Gold”, click here…..

Michael Phelps Gets Gold Medal For Bong Hit

Puff.  Puff.  Pass those endorsement deals on over. Michael Phelps, in a photo that just hit the ‘Nets today, was caught taking a hit from a bong.  We are sure it wasn’t flavored tobacco, but California green baby.   Man, oh man.  What is the golden boy going to do? Well he sure is not denying […]