Bruno Mars Documentary of Coming Home! Watch Now

  Bruno Mars went from struggling for success to revealing in it.  A documentary of him coming back home to Hawaii to sell out an arena he never thought he could.  From “Nothing On You” to “Just The Way You Are” to his latest his “Lazy Song” and more. Check out the documentary along with […]

Megan Fox Marries BAG! Teen Boys Have Moment Of Silence

It just proves if you stick around ling enough, she will marry you. Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green (BAG) late last week in Hawaii.  The couple have been dating since 2004 and have been engaged a few times but the most recent engagement 2 weeks ago was the one that sealed the deal. As […]

Maui Wowi Sofia Vergara!

Sofia Vergara.

Sofia Viagra Vergara and the cast of “Modern Family” are filming in Maui, Hawaii this week and Sofia looks beautiful in green. It also does not hurt that the dress fits her rather well.  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.-Dr.FB

Lindsay Lohan: Beach Blanket Bingo

There is nothing like going to Hawaii to get your mind off of Hollywood and what is a messy break-up.  Lindsay Slowhands Lohan took our minds off of that with one flash in her bikini. Girl went from bones to showing off her backside and other things.  Listen, at least she is not partying and […]

Lindsay Lohan On A Hawaii Retreat

While “estranged” girlfriend Samantha Ronson was on business in New York, Lindsay Lohan took a weekend trip to Hawaii. She could not escape the photographers over there as well but at least she seemed to be smiling about it.  It seems on Saturday, someone either hacked into Samantha Ronson’s twitter account and posted under her […]