Madonna & Jesus Luz Get Charitable

Jesus & Madonna Haiti Event
Jesus & Madonna Haiti Event

Jesus & Madonna. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Jesus & Madonna were spotted after the Hope For Haiti event, where Madonna performed her 80's classic "Like A Prayer" for the benefit.

It's hard to believe that couple have been together and going strong for almost a year now.  For some reason, the hat, although stylish, makes Jesus look younger. 

Go on Madonna, do your thing.-Dr.FB


George Clooney & Stars Raise $58 Million For Haiti

George Clooney.  Photo: GettyImages.com

George Clooney. Photo: GettyImages.com

George Clonney lit up the SAG Awards last night, joking around onstage, greeting people off stage, but he will most remember this weekend for what he did Friday night.

George was the key in getting the "Hope For Haiti" event off the ground.  George got MTV on board first and then started contacting celebs to either perform, talk, or pick up the phones and take donations. 

In that, they were able to raise $58 million on Friday night alone.  An amazing feat and in the end, we are sure there will be even more money raised. 

Thank you George and everyone else who contributed to the "Hope For Haiti" event.-Dr.FB


Alicia Keys “Prelude To A Kiss”

Alicia Keys | Photo: People.com

Alicia Keys | Photo: People.com

Go HERE for Alicia Keys' performance and others.

Donate Now: 1-877-99-HAITI in US/Canada, or go to www.hopeforhaitinow.org

If you haven't donated, please donate above. They have raised $57 million so far but mo' is betta'!

(I had to remove the performance off the site because it starts up without hitting play and would not mix well with other things on this site.)

What did you think of Alicia's performance?-Dr.FB