#tbt Throwback Thursday! Katy Perry Performing “Hot N Cold” On Letterman!

Katy Perry  File Photo

#tbt Here is a Throwback Thursday live performance of "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry on The Late Show With David Letterman.

Justin Timberlake isn't the only one who can introduce them-self. That just sounded like Austin Powers "Allow myself to introduce....myself." Ha!

Katy Perry  Photo: Esquire.com

We have a soft spot for Katy.  You all know that.  What she lacks for in voice, she more than makes up for in energy and performance, and we LOVE this performance.

Check it out.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Someone call a Doctor.....Funkenberry.....


Katy Perry Is Too Hot For Elmo And Parents; Video Gets Pulled

The Katy Perry Elmo Hot n Cold Clip as we first posted on Monday is being pulled by Sesame Street as parents complained that Katy and her birds were too hot to handle.

We call overreaction but then again, we don't have kids. 

The complaints that are being said are:

-- "You can practically see her t*ts. That's some wonderful children's programming."
-- "they're gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue"
-- "my kid wants milk now"

Seriously?  It seemed playful and I guess just because Katy has a bigger bust than most of the gang on Sesame Street, it's a problem.

Me?  I think Miss Piggy is behind it all.  We heard rumors that Kermit turned into a horndog with Katy on set.  Hmm.  She is wearing green as well in the video.  Hmm.

What do you think?  Is the video too hot for Sesame Street?-Dr.FB


Video: Katy Perry Gets “Hot N Cold” With Elmo!

This seems kind of old to me but it was just put out yesterday. The short hair n Katy's make-up is a hint on this Sesame Street video.

Check out this version of "Hot N Cold" with Katy Perry and Elmo. I am still digging her last CD over "Teenage Dream" but maybe it will grow on me.

What do you think of Katy n Elmo's duet?-Dr.FB


Britney Spears Is “Hot N Cold”

Britney Spears. Photo: GinsburgSpaly.com
Britney Spears. Photo: GinsburgSpaly.com

Britney Spears. Photo: GinsburgSpaly.com

Britney Spears grabbed lunch at the Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas yesterday. 

It was a hot 80 plus degrees in the San Fernando Valley yesterday but it appears Britney was kind of cold, doesn't it?-Dr.FB


Video~Taylor Swift Performs “Hot N Cold” With Katy Perry!~

Taylor Swift turned the Staple Center out last night. One of the highlights was Taylor Swift performing Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" when Katy Perry herself joined Taylor onstage.

Katy looked cute in her outfit and the crowd reaction of jumping up and down was killer. 

Enjoy the performance.-Dr.FB


Katy Perry Gets Hot N then Grabs Something Cold

Katy Perry In Miami. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Katy Perry In Miami. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Katy Perry In Miami. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Katy Perry was in Miami over the weekend wearing a hot (what color is that funkenbabies) bikini and we sure she was hot and she cooled down with a cold drink.

I have never wanted to be a straw so much. Sorry G, I like her. For her looks and her music.-Dr.FB


Video: Katy Perry “Hot N Cold” Cover

Here is another cover of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" and I thought I would share. It's been a while. You like?
Did someone call a doctor?-Dr.FB