Hotel Cafe

PRINCE…..Tonight……In L.A………..?

PRINCE surprise performance in L.A. tonight! But where? Viper Room?  The Roxy? Troubadour?  Hotel Cafe? Or……more than one?-Dr.FB Diagnosis: A Real Hit n Run UPDATE:  I FEEL WE WERE LEAD ON A PURPLE GOOSE CHASE TONIGHT……SO FAR.  HEAR THIS PLACE, THEN THAT PLACE, BUT SO FAR….IT’S NO PLACE! EVEN HEARING STUFF LIKE “TOMORROW”….. YOU ALL […]

Tamar Kaprelian Performs “Raining In Paradise”

Tamar Kaprelian performs “Raining In Paradise” at the Solar Powered Plastic Plant. This song is straight chill.  Nice to hear after a long day.  She will be performing at Hotel Cafe November 8th in Hollywood. It’s a cool venue and Tamar will be playing a new song in her set along with her most recent […]

Video: Tamar Kaprelian Performs “Should Have Known Better”

Here is our girl Tamar Kaprelian performing “Should Have Known Better” recorded live at Jack Johnson’s Solar Powered Plastic Plant in Los Angeles. Tamar talked about what the track is about recently and said; “definitely about someone who did me wrong and led me in the wrong direction,” Tamar explains. “Had I not gone through […]

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Out Together

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart. Photo:

Robert Pattinson did not look too happy when cameras caught him with girlfriend Kristen Stewart out in Los Angeles last night.  Although they were together over the weekend to surprise moviegoers at different theatres of “Eclipse”, it was different when they are out and about. They caught a show at Hotel Cafe of Sam Bradley […]