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Top Searches For 07/12/11

Katy Perry. Photo:

Top Searches bringing YOU to for 7/12/2011 1. Chris Brown 2. Rob Grill 3.  Amy Winehouse 4. Katy Perry Mermaid 5. Hugh Hefner Young 6. Plank For Peace 7. Batman Dark Knight Rises Poster 8. Baseball Fan Nearly Falls 9. Nicki Minaj 10. Paris Jackson -Dr.FB

Hugh Hefner Does Hollywood Right

Hugh Hefner, Dr.Funkenberry’s father (or so I wish) recently celebrated his 84th birthday and decided to give Hollywood a gift. $900,000 was needed to save the area around the Hollywood sign being made into hotel’s and other things.  They were trying to preserve the area and with Hef’s donation, they will be able to. Thank […]

Move Over Marge Simpson! Here Is Alina

Alina Puscau, who is director Brett Ratner’s girlfriend, and who also did the photo shoot for Playboy, in the issue with Marge Simpson on the cover. Marge Simpson on the cover of Playboy.  I know you all heard of her being on the cover, but really, come on now. I am starting to worry about […]

Holly Madison Is Always Our Angel

Holly Madison looked hot and cute and pretty all at once throwing out the first pitch for the California Angels Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim last night.   I am not sure if the Angels won because they have playoffs wrapped up and I won’t care til next week but I did have to mention one […]

Holly Madison Promotes Something

Holly Madison, the Playboy Playmate and ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, was in Las Vegas promoting something that wil lbe for sale. I can’t get past her… nail polish to remember what it is.  Yea, black nail polish, that’s the ticket. She was at the opening of Rhumbar or something like that. I do know that it […]