Eminem’s Cryptic Message? Updated

Eminem Just Loses It.  Photo: Eminem's Official Twitter Page

Eminem JustLe Loses It. Photo: Eminem's Official Twitter Page

Is this the cover for Relapse 2 to be released later this year?  Was this Eminem last Halloween in a weird ode to the Heath Ledger’s Joker and a combo thrown in of Hugh Hefner and a pirate sword for good measure?

Or maybe he is a new member of the Insane Clown Posse.  Uhoh.

Eminem had this message under the photo:

 A world so dark, a world so cold… The devil only knows. It’s Friday, the 19th.

I wonder if it is a hint that Relapse 2 will be released on June 19th?  We will see.

What we do know is that Eminem’s new CD Relapse offically drops today.  It was leaked online weeks ago and has had some pretty disparaging reviews although the fans have stood by it so far.

What we do know is that Eminem is performing 2 more nights on Jimmy Kimmel soon and is throwing a free concert in his hometown of Detroit. 

Others may say it’s cheap promotion?  Me?  I don’t care and it comes off as promotion and very charitable.  Last time I checked, that was pretty cool.  I am sure even the ICP would agree.-Dr.FB

Update:  Just spoke with a friend from Interscope and Relapse 2 is scheduled for later this year.  Much later.   Think November/December.  Just wanted to keep the Shadyheads in the loop.



  • andy p
    Posted at 17:51h, 08 July

    a world so dark a world so cold isnt that a kline from the single stay wide awake for the 1st relapse o and that songs krazy..”Soon as my fllow starts i compose art like the ghost of mozart thats a sik line.Eminem rules!!!

  • ASID
    Posted at 03:14h, 05 June

    the video of “stay wide awake” is cumin on 19th ppl…b xcited..contact me…asid12345678@gmail.com

  • doug e fresh
    Posted at 18:04h, 04 June

    which means its a regular day, which means i do this regular-lay

    and STFU AMIL!!!!! your an idiot who wouldnt know good music if it smacked u in the face!

  • Jimmy
    Posted at 21:50h, 22 May

    Also In underground he says fuck Jason it’s Friday the 19th

  • Guy ahead of me
    Posted at 15:43h, 19 May

    Your fucked amil

  • Amil Dave
    Posted at 12:27h, 19 May

    I don’t like his new album at all. The Twitter thing is cool, but that’s obviously not Eminem’s thing – it’s the record company marketing folks who run his Twitter acct. And that’s what this entire Relapse project feels like. I wish he had more guests on his album. The beats are good. But Eminem is not. Dre also needs to stop rapping. When you hear his verses on Relapse, you’ll see why Detox will never be released. He sounds terrible.

  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 12:17h, 19 May

    Thanks for the complimeny Autumn. Glad I did not have to beat you over the head playing Em so much.

    Glad I had the honor taking you to your first Em show with Dre n the Roots. All those bleach blonde haired boys lol.

    Not to mention the midnight sale for the marshall mathers cd. Good times. Good times.

    Much love to you, person I call a true friend.-Dr.FB

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  • Autumn
    Posted at 11:42h, 19 May

    Once again thanks for being on the forefront of music back in 1999 and on the way to the beach on PCH , you popped in that Slim Shady LP. Since that day- Eminem has become my very most favorite artist of all time, hands down. I thank you DrFB. And keep posting on Em.

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