Ida Neilsen

New PRINCE Album Entitled “HITNRUN” Coming Soon!

It appears a new PRINCE album entitled “HITNRUN” is about to come out. 3RDEYEGIRL band members appeared on BBC6 radio this morning with details. In a recorded phone interview, 3RDEYEGIRL drummer Hannah Welton talks about “This Could Be Us” (a new version from his previous Art Official Age album) produced by Joshua Welton. Hannah also […]

PRINCE & 3RDEYEGIRL Love Toronto Tender! Photos Of The Moment Special!

PRINCE and 3RDEYEGIRL rumbled through Toronto last night performing TWO shows on the “HITandRUN” Tour with the show just being announced on Saturday and tickets going on sale the day before the shows. It was a homecoming of sorts for 3RDEYEGIRL guitarist Donna Grantis. All of the photos were posted on PRINCE’s Twitter account, which […]


3RDEYEGIRL‘s debut album “PLECTRUMELECTRUM” is on the way and they dropped a teaser for a new song “PRETZELBODYLOGIC” today. The 28 second teaser sounds promising but we would LOVE to hear more. For those that do not know, 3RDEYEGIRL is Donna Grantis (Guitar), Hannah Ford Welton (Drums), Ida Neilsen (Bass) and PRINCE (whatever). “PLECTRUMELECTRUM” is […]


It is here! “SCREWDRIVER LIVE” film by PRINCE. You can purchase the video for download for $1.77 at¬†& 3RDEYEGIRL.COM The video was shot at Paisley Park. How many of U can do “The Screwdriver”….? Diagnosis: ¬†Until the day that we do……

Exclusive! Get Ready To Learn “The Screwdriver” By PRINCE!!!

Get ready to learn the “Screwdriver! On Feb. 10th, the “Screwdriver Live” film will debut on Right now, we are pleased to share with U some stills from “Screwdriver Live” exclusively. THE VIDEO WILL PREMIERE ON PRINCE2013.COM AHEAD OF THE GRAMMYS!!! TUNE IN!!! We want to thank PRINCE and the crew for giving this […]