Poof! PRINCE Disappears From Social Media


PRINCE has deleted his social media accounts on all platforms. Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. He has also had all his videos on official YouTube accounts taken down. This was done with no notice or it appears no reason.

People who have gotten in hot water on social media before like say Alec Baldwin will have their accounts taken down until heat is off of them. As far as we know, that really is not the case with Prince so if these accounts will become active is anyone's guess.

Less than 2 months ago, Prince released two new albums for the first time in years; ART OFFICIAL AGE, a solo record co-produced by Joshua Welton, and PLECTRUMELECTRUM with his all female band 3RDEYEGIRL. Earlier this month, he performed on Saturday Night Live for 8 minutes which showcased the talented music star and 3RDEYEGIRL. That now seems like forever with the social media presence now kaput.

Perhaps he is making another new account to follow. If that were the case, he could easily switch the account to a new name and keep the followers he once had.

Just last week on the PRINCE Spreecast, we were discussing Prince on Social Media and what a success it has been so far, especially in previous years where Prince declared the Internet dead and no web presence at all. Within a week, all social media activity has been removed completely.

We will have a part two of the PRINCE Spreecast Social Media this week and discuss the impact of him leaving for now and what effect it will have if any. Be there.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Shhh.


Casey Anthony To Be Released From Jail Within Week

Casey Anthony Photo: Joe Burbank
Casey Anthony Photo: Joe Burbank

Casey Anthony Photo: Joe Burbank

Casey Anthony was sentenced to 4 years in jail today.  However, she has spent 2 years and 10 months in jail already.  So with getting credit for time served and good behavior, she will be released next week, July 13th.

Casey was also fined $4,000 for providing false information to police officers.  I am sure the public opinion of this will not be too good. 

Sometimes, I think it's an overuse of information, beating the jurors over the head with it for months at a time when they are away from their family, they have already pre-determined a decision.  They do not have the 24 hour news about it or the Internet stories.   Just what they hear over and over in court and it becomes numbing after a while.

In no way am I saying I agree with the decision but it is sad that prosecutors learned nothing from the OJ trial in the 90's aside from do not let the defendant try on any gloves or clothes during the trial that may have been his.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The System IS Designed To Fail