Prince Rocks Opening Night Of His “Welcome 2 America” Tour At The Izod


Last night, Prince kicked off what we hope is just the first leg of his "Welcome 2 America" tour with a rocking show at the Izod Center in New Jersey. Oh it was funky y'all!!

We were treated to not one, but two opening acts before Prince took the symbol-shaped O(+> stage. First up was jazz artist Esperanza Spalding who we'd seen perform at the Prince tribute during the 2010 BET Awards earlier this year. Then it was time for soul songstress Lalah Hathaway who was beautiful in a flowing blue dress. Both ladies would join Prince during his set later on - Spalding for co-vocals on "If I Was Your Girlfriend" and Hathaway sharing vocals on "Sometimes it Snows in April" and "Diamonds and Pearls".

Then it was time for the one and only. "I am here, where r u?" Prince asked the crowd after opening with the funky, unexpected "Lay Down" track from his album 20Ten. The crowd was in a frenzy as Prince strutted around the stage in a gold ruffle shirt, black pants, sunglasses and a long leather coat. He was ready to funk.

That was the only new song we'd hear as it was a night for Prince classics and fan favorites. We were treated to "Beautiful Ones" IN ITS ENTIRETY - the ladies were going crazy for this one, especially when he screamed "Do u want me?". Yes we do!!!

Other classic hits we heard included "Cream", "Raspberry Beret", "Uptown", "Let's Work" - so many hits, so little time! Hardcore fans were pinching themselves when Prince strapped on his new gold guitar (that will be auctioned off for charity after the tour) and launched into "She's Always in my Hair", a favorite b-side from 1985 (thank u Prince!!!).

Prince was backed up by three talented singers all night - Elisa Dease, Liv Warfield and Shelby J, who fans were surprised to see as she lost her father unexpectedly last week. But the music must be healing because Shelby was in great form and performed a beautiful version of "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan with her sisters backing her up. Shelby also waved a large flag during "Purple Rain" that had an angel drawn on it with some writing. A tribute to her Dad perhaps? We couldn't read it from our side of the stage.

Prince and Shelby performed a great duet of "Nothing Compares 2 U" - great chemistry and love there. Prince acknowledged her return by saying "it's good to have you back".

Prince broke it down later in the show with some steamy ballads - "Insatiable", "Scandalous", and the lady-melting "Adore". Wooh - we could hardly contain ourselves!! He closed out the main set with a long rendition of "Purple Rain" and had the entire arena on its feet, waving their arms. He worked every corner with his Hohner, calling for more "Woo ooo ooo ooo!"'s from the hyped up crowd.

But we weren't done yet! Not even close! We got a long encore that kicked off with "Kiss" - Prince's latest substitution in the song? "You don't have to watch...the L Word...to have an attitude". LOL! Spalding and Hathaway performed with Prince during the encore, and we also got Prince on piano for a quick version of "All the Critics Love U in New York" - of course, how could we not have predicted he'd play this??

We go one more dose of serious funk with "Controversy" - clap your hands, stomp your feet (mine still hurt today!). It was thick! Then some fans were invited on stage to dance and party along with "Sexy Dancer" and "Le Freak" by Chic.

Prince had amazing energy all night long, and the band was in great form. Prince's dance moves during Kiss were awesome - you could tell he was just feeling the funk and enjoying the moment. We can't wait to see what he brings on Friday night at the Izod, when Maceo Parker and Cassandra Wilson will join him.

Thanks 2 Prince and the band for a GREAT show!!!


PRINCE Adds Another Tour Date To Madison Square Garden!


On the heels of a show being cancelled at the Izod Center for a "scheduling" conflict, PRINCE has added another date to his sold out stint at Madison Square Garden.

On January 18th, the funkateer himself will be playing MSG.  Tickets for the concert event will go on sale Friday, December 10th. 

As the shows in New York and New Jersey grow closer, the Doc is having a feeling he made a wrong decision not planning to go.  All that funk and all those berrys with no Dr.?  Big mistake.  Huge. 

Don't be like me.  The hottest ticket in New York and New Jersey is PRINCE in December.  It also looks it will be staying that way til January. 

It might be rather chilly in New York right now but we know PRINCE will be warming it up with some funk, so make sure to get your tickets for the January 18th show......oh yea...and for that funk.....don't forget your foot spray!-Dr.FB


Exclusive! Listen To PRINCE Live Now! New York, Are You Ready?!?

PRINCE. Photo: LiveNation.com
PRINCE. Photo: LiveNation.com

PRINCE. Photo: LiveNation.com

OK, this is just way too cool and too funky!  An exclusive from the one and only greatest live performer of ALL TIME!!!!!!

Live from Denmark-------PRINCE plays STRATUS!!!

Just a taste of what to expect in NY!!!!!!  Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Thank you PRINCE and your people for sharing this with us exclusively.  We appreciate your generosity ten-fold.  Much love and respect.  New York has no idea what it is in store for!!!!! I will have to live vicariously through you all!-Dr.FB

P.S.  The 2 Garden shows are sold out and the Izod Center is on it's way.  Get your tickets HERE!!!!!!!


Exclusive! Bruce Springsteen Pulls Out All The Stops For New Jersey!

DrFunkenberry.com Exclusive! Bruce Springsteen Live.  Photo. G. Dicker
DrFunkenberry.com Exclusive! Bruce Springsteen Live.  Photo. G. Dicker

DrFunkenberry.com Exclusive! Bruce Springsteen Live. Photo. G. Dicker

Bruce Springsteen rocked the Izod Center last night in New Jersey.  He played a 3 hour set.  Enough said.

Look at that crowd.  Bruce doesn't get played on the radio anymore.  You see all ages there. Old folk.  Young folk.  I even see a brother in the middle. How is an act like Bruce selling out an arena and drawing the young?  Sure, the Super Bowl performance helped and sure ain't radio.  A good old Ipod and YouTube are ways artist such as Bruce who can't get a new song on the radio for nothing, are finding new fans.  You have to adapt to technology, you can't ignore it or you will lose. 

I want to thank GED aka G. Dicker for providing these exclusive pics of Bruce Springsteen to us.  He now has his own blog and you should check it out because GED is a pretty rare and interesting person.  They really don't make them like him anymore. 

 Please check out his blog here: www.according2g.com


Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive! Bruce Springsteen Live.  Photo: G. Dicker

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive! Bruce Springsteen Live. Photo: G. Dicker


Feds To Investigate Ticketmaster?

Just when you thought there was no justice in this world.

New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-8th Dist.) wants a federal investigation into Ticketmaster and some alleged shady doings with the ticket sales for two Bruce Springsteen shows at the Izod Center. According to this report, fans who tried to buy tickets online encountered error messages that prevented them from making purchases. Then they were directed to TicketsNow, a Ticketmaster resale subsidiary, where they were given the opportunity to purchase Springsteen tickets for three to four times the face value amount, in some cases, up to $4,000 a piece. The tickets were said to be "immediately" available at TicketsNow, once Ticketmaster announced the sell-out.

What? Ticketmaster scalping their own tickets? I know. Shocking, isnt' it?

Pascrell is asking the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department to look into the matter. In a letter to the two agencies, he states, "The speed with which tickets were made available on Ticketmaster's official resale site raises questions about whether TicketsNow brokers were given preferential treatment."

Speaking to the press, the congressman said, "This burns me up. It's reprehensible. There has to be a deal cooking between the two companies, Ticketmaster and TicketsNow. One has no tickets and the other is selling them at three and four times the price."

God bless you, Mr. Pascrell. You're doing the Lord's work. - Dr. FC