Jersey Shore

There Is A God & He Is Not A Guido! Jersey Shore Ends After 6 Seasons!

After 6 seasons, the Jersey Shore will be leaving the MTV airwaves. No more Snooki. No more J-Wowww. No more Situation. No more Pauly D. Well…that is not exactly true. Snooki and J. Wowww have their own MTV show (Snooki And JWowww) now and so does Pauly D. (The Pauly D. Project.) but the rest […]

Did Snooki Bring An STD To MTV’s Video Music Awards?

Snooki. Photo:

Here is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi before the MTV Video Music Awards on the Black Carpet.  The Jersey Shore Store appeared solo and along with the rest of the cast sans “The Situation” who was absent. As for the STD comment, STD stands for Stop The Drama, according to the Jersey Shore castmates.  Perhaps she may […]

Xzibit’s New Video “Man On The Moon” Makes Music History

Xzibit has released a new video, “Man On The Moon” and it is making music history.  It was the first video made for a production music library and is now the first to gain airplay as MTV has agreed to add it to it’s playlist.  We wonder if it will pre-empt the countless hours dedicated […]

Snooki Gets Herself Into A Pickle On Halloween

Snooki. Photo:

Well, at least she wasn’t anything orange for Halloween!  Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dressed up as a pickle, or what looks like Queen of the Pickles…and you can take that anyway you like just as long as she doesn’t have to tickle my pickle! She was hosting an event at Jet Nightclub in Vegas with a […]

Video: There Is A “Situation” On DWTS, A Bad Situation!

Here is the Jersey Shore’s The Situation dancing on “Dancing With The Stars” with Karina Smirnoff. I am sure Michael was glad to be working with someone who’s last name is so close to an alcoholic beverage.  Even tho he only had 5 days rehearsal, we think he is safe this week.-Dr.FB Don’t forget to […]